Cybersecurity An Increasing Concern for FMs: Report

  October 15, 2021

By Dave Lubach

Facility managers have been consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last 18 months. As the pandemic continues to linger and hopefully eventually fade away, next up in the lineup of priorities for managers is cybersecurity.

Honeywell released a report recently that says improving cybersecurity for operational technology (OT) is one of the top priorities for managers over the next 12 to 18 months.

In a report titled, “Protecting Operational Technology in Facilities from Cyber Threats: Constraints and Realities,” more than seven of 10 managers (71 percent) said they consider improving cybersecurity for OT as a concern or worry at their facilities. 

OT was also pegged by the surveyed managers as the main building improvement that would provide the biggest benefit to its stakeholders. As a system that can monitor building assets such as HVAC, building management and security systems, vulnerable OT systems can potentially expose facilities to dangerous cyberattacks.

Other statistics from the report include:

  • 66% of facility managers view managing OT cybersecurity as one of their most difficult challenges

  • 56% currently are more willing to invest in safety-focused solutions than they were before the pandemic 

  • 44% currently have a cybersecurity solution in place to protect their OT systems from potential threats

  • 33% plan to invest in OT cybersecurity products over the next 12 to 18 months

  • 27% have experienced a cyber breach in the last 12 months.

Dave Lubach is managing editor, Facility Market.


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