FAA Releases Commercial Drone Standards

  September 21, 2016

By Dave Lubach

The Federal Aviation Administration unveiled new rules for commercial drones recently.

Highlights of the rules, according to an online article from the Los Angeles Times, include:

• Operators must keep their drones within visual line of sight and only fly during the day.

• Drones cannot fly over people or go higher than 400 feet above the round, nor travel faster than 100 mph.

• Drones may carry items as long as the combined weight of the package and drones is less than 55 pounds.

Maintenance and engineering managers are most interested in using drones for inspections of roofs and systems in institutional and commercial facilities, as a Facility Maintenance Decisions story outlined earlier this year.

The Times article raises a number of questions that managers might be considering themselves, and serves as a solid resource for those considering using drones at their facilities.

This quick read was submitted by Dave Lubach, associate editor for Facility Maintenance Decisions. Reach him at dave.lubach@tradepress.com.


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