Do you know a Facility Champion?

FacilitiesNet is looking for stand-out facility professionals that exhibit strong leadership, demonstrate engagement and pride within the industry, and have proven success in improving their facilities operations. If these qualities sound familiar, then nominate your Facility Champion by June 14.

Winners will be recognized on this fall.

Who is Eligible? Anyone involded with managing the facility operations, including, but not limited to: Building Engineers, Directors of Maintenance and Engineers, Directors or Superintendents of Building and Grounds, Facility Managers, Senior Directors of Facilities, Facilities Coordinators and Supervisors, Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Operations/Plant Managers, Property Managers, Project Managers , etc.

What makes a nominee a Facility Champion? Please list his/her achievements, initiatives, awards, leadership, roles, etc. Please describe the impact or results of those initiatives. Be specific and answer as many of the following questions as you like.
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What does the nominee believe to be the key challenges facing his/her department and how is he/she working to meet those challenges? Please cite an example of the impact that these projects or initiatives have for the facility.
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What are some things this nominee has done in the last year that has helped improve facility operations or met the facility's operational goals?
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How does this person demonstrate engagement and pride with the facility mangement industry?
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Can you provide an example of when this person exhibited strong leadership?
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Please describe something "worth noting" about this nominee that you believe is a competitive differentiator and would be of interest of FacilitiesNet's readers?
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May we contact the person listed as the primary contact for this submission for additional information or an interview in support of the submission?

Please review your application in full and carefully before making a final submission. Incorrect information and errors will disqualify the application entirely. Information provided in the submission may be used online or in print. Facility Maintenance Decisions, Building Operating Management and FacilitiesNet will not be held responsible for any information that was incorrectly submitted in the nomination. Information may be edited prior to publication.

  • Nominees must be located in the United States or Canada.
  • A facility may nominate up to three individuals.
  • Applications are free; there is no charge/fee to apply
  • Application must be completed in full to be considered. Incomplete submissions or those with incorrect information will be disqualified. Facility Maintenance Decisions, Building Operating Management and FacilitiesNet will not be held responsible for any information that was incorrectly submitted.
  • All applications must be submitted electronically
  • Information submitted in nomination may be used online.
  • People/Companies are able to self-nominate.
  • Nominees representing PR/Marketing firms/Agencies or product manufacturers and suppliers are not applicable. However, they may nominate customers.
  • Multiple applications do not guarantee a win. Previous wins do not automatically guarantee a win.
  • Previous nominees are allowed to submit again, but need to refill out the submission form.
  • Proprietary information may not be included.
  • Entries will be vetted by the facility market editorial staff.
  • Deadline is June 14 - late submisisons will not be accepted and any incomplete nominations will be deleted.