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How to Celebrate World FM Day During a Global Pandemic

  May 13, 2020

By Greg Zimmerman

Happy World FM Day!

Today is Global FM’s designated day to celebrate all of you in the facilities management industry. There’s a whole roster of free webinars and other events on the schedule today to help you celebrate. The day is intended to bring awareness to your profession — globally, a $1.15 trillion, 2.5-million member fraternity. 

But I’m certain many of you aren’t too much in a celebratory mood. It’s been a tough few months for everyone. And for facilities managers, as buildings are beginning to reopen and occupants are returning to work, the pain may be just beginning. 

How will you deal with anxious occupants worried the workplace may be a den of infection? How do you plan to allay their fears? The coronavirus pandemic will fundamentally change not only how work is done, but also how buildings are designed and operated to accommodate that work. 

As we’ll explore in detail in the June cover story of Building Operating Management, focusing on the health and wellness of occupants will be inextricably linked to facilities management. No longer will health and wellness strategies be “nice to haves” — instead, they’ll be “musts.” Just as when the green building industry came of age, the pandemic will usher in a new era of strategic planning in regards to health and wellness. Buildings that use certifications like WELL and Fitwel, despite their cost and complexity, will be given priority both when it’s time to sign leases, and also by top talent when looking for an organization to begin or continue their careers. 

But for now, take a minute to give yourself a pat on the back for all you do. Facilities managers are unquestionably some of the most dedicated unsung heroes, and this will only become more recognizable in the coming months as you do all you can to keep your occupants safe and healthy.

Cheers to you, FMs! 

This post was submitted by Greg Zimmerman, executive editor, Building Operating Management and FacilitiesNet.com. 


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