Building Operating Management 2011 Top Products Award

The Building Operating Management Top Products award-winners were selected by an e-mail ballot to readers of Building Operating Management. A total of 551 products appeared in the magazine or online on FacilitiesNet.com between Oct. 1, 2009 and Sept. 30, 2010. Readers were asked to select their choices for Top Products that met the criteria of innovation and usefulness to facility managers. Based on reader votes, 74 products were selected as Top Products.

Lighting Controls
Acuity Brands Lighting
The Sensor Switch nLight controls system integrates occupancy-based...  more»

Cooper Controls
The Venergy energy monitoring web tool displays metered lighting energy use in real time...  more»

Aerial Work Platform
JLG Industries Inc.
The LiftPod® features an enclosed carriage and secure platform...  more»

Wireless Safety/Security Network
Wireless Safety/Security Network provides Ethernet connectivity via wireless mesh technology...  more»

LED Downlight
LED Downlight for elevators...  more»

Flush Handle
Advanced Modern Technologies Corp. (AMTC)
The DUALFLUSH retrofit flush handle offers water-saving flush option for commercial toilets...  more»

Touch-Free Roll Paper Towel Dispensers
Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc.
Touch-free roll paper towel dispensers use universal, non-perforated...  more»

Hand Dryer
Excel Dryer
Xlerator hand dryers are designed to dry hands in about 10 to 15 seconds and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers...  more»

Flushometer Retrofit Kits
Sloan Valve Co.
The ECOS dual-flush flushometer retrofit kits convert most manual and sensor-operated flushometers...  more»

LED Lamp
Lighting Science Group Corp.
LED Lamp is a direct replacement for 60-watt incandescent bulbs...  more»

Flush Valve
Zurn Industries LLC
The HydroVantage™ fixture is designed to create energy during each flush...  more»

Submeter Communication Option (Option LTP)
Submeter Communication Option (Option LTP) converts electrical submeter data into the LonWorks...  more»

Relay Control Panels
Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Relay Control Panels are a lighting management option...  more»

Digital Lumens
LEDs are intended as a one-for-one replacement...  more»

LED Downlight
Cooper Lighting
The Halo LED H7 collection features 6-inch, LED recessed downlights...  more»

Window Glass
Sage Electrochromics Inc.
Window Glass is electronically tintable and has a high R-value...  more»

Belimo Aircontrols
Valve compensates for pressure variations...  more»

Wireless Daylight Sensor
Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
Wireless Daylight Sensor can communicate with up to 10 switching...  more»

LED Lights
Cree Inc.
LED Lights in warm- and neutral-white color temperatures...  more»

Bi-Level Fluorescent Fixture
Deco Lighting
Bi-Level Fluorescent Fixture is designed for applications with minimal occupancy...  more»

eBuilding 5.0 Energy Management Solutions
Philips Teletrol Inc.
eBuilding 5.0 is a multisite energy management solution designed to integrate with building automation standards such as BACnet...  more»

Access Management System
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies
Access Management System now has video recording capabilities...  more»

Keyless Touchpad
Kwikset Corp.
Keyless Touchpad electronic lock enables the user to lock entryways without a key...  more»

Metasys Building Management System
Johnson Controls Inc.
Version 5.0 of the Metasys building management system delivers greater visibility...  more»

EnergyEYE provides a real-time look at building energy use...  more»

Aspect FT HVAC Energy Control Solution
American Auto-Matrix
The Aspect FT HVAC Energy Control Solution communicates with the company’s legacy control products...  more»

A3 Wireless Sensing
Spinwave Systems Inc.
The A3 product line provides wireless sensing to BAS...  more»

Tracer SC Field Panel
The Tracer SC is an intelligent field panel...  more»

Enterprise Buildings Integrator
Honeywell Building Controls
The Enterprise Buildings Integrator is a facility management platform that integrates HVAC...  more»

KMC Controls Inc.
TotalControl is a browser-based software solution...  more»

Geometric Wall Sconces
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting
Geometric Wall Sconces have new LED options and multiple CFL versions...  more»

Building Mediator
Building Mediator provides an IP-network-based framework that interconnects four systems...  more»

Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors
Wall Stopper/Legrand
Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors for lighting control operation in commercial space...  more»

LED Downlight
W.A.C. Lighting
LED Downlight is dimmable and available in 2-, 3- and 4-inch apertures...  more»

Intelligent Ballast Control
Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Intelligent Ballast Control system provides occupancy sensing...  more»

Hands-free Door Activation Switch
Camden Door Controls Inc.
Hands-free Door Activation Switch is ADA compliant...  more»

Kilowatt-Hour Transducers
Onset Computer Corp.
Kilowatt-hour transducers are appropriate for energy monitoring...  more»

Dimming Ballasts
Dimming Ballasts are compatible with daylight sensors...  more»

Energy Management Architecture
Schneider Electric
Energy Management Architecture optimizes energy efficiencies across multiple domains...  more»

LED Wallpack
RAB Lighting
LED Wallpack has a 10 watt LED light engine...  more»

Interior Gypsum Board
CertainTeed Corp.
Interior Gypsum Board has a Type X noncombustible core...  more»

LED Lighting System
Kim Lighting Inc.
LED Lighting System for parking structures...  more»

Access Control System
Johnson Controls Security Solutions
The P2000 Security Management Platform...  more»

Security Camera
Panasonic Security Systems
The WV-NM964 I-Pro outdoor day/night pan-tilt-zoom camera...  more»

Programmable Locks
Alarm Lock Systems Inc.
Programmable Locks provide keyless access...  more»

Eaton Corp.
UPS available in a 400V AC configuration...  more»

Demand-Response Ballast
Osram Sylvania
The QUICKTRONIC PowerSHED high-efficiency, demand-response ballast is an instant-start...  more»

Building Performance System
AirAdvice Inc.
Building Performance System monitors and assesses overall building performance...  more»

Biometric Keypad
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies
Schlage FingerKey DX series biometric keypads...  more»

BACnet Controller
Reliable Controls Corp.
BACnet Controller is designed for small point-counts that require a local LCD display...  more»

Emerson Network Power
UPS for small spaces is rack/tower convertible and is available in 1000VA...  more»

LED Wall Pack
North American Energy Group
The company’s LED wall packs are designed for security...  more»

Daylight Controls
Adura Technologies
The company’s daylight sensors and controls can be programmed with an unlimited number...  more»

Fluorescent Lamps
Kumho Electric USA
The Sequoia line of fluorescent lighting includes a T8 lamp with a lifespan of 75,000 hours...  more»

LED Downlight
The Architektur 6-inch LED downlight features an integral thermal heat sink...  more»

Wireless Lighting Controllers
Orion Energy Systems
InteLite wireless controllers include a pulse meter input...  more»

Toilet Overflow Prevention
AquaOne Technologies
Toilet Overflow Prevention system’s integrated smart valve intercepts the flow of water...  more»

LED Lamp
Philips Lumileds Lighting Co.
Luxeon Rebel white LEDs are available in warm...  more»

Dimmable LED Fixtures
Lunera Lighting Inc.
The company’s thin, dimmable LED fixtures include the 6400 series of 4-foot-by-6.7-inch suspended linear...  more»

LED Lamp
Cree Inc.
The LRP-38 LED lamp is a UL-listed bulb that generates a narrow-beam spotlight...  more»

LED T8 Replacement Lamp
LEDtronics Inc.
T8 LED Tube Light is a replacement for T8 32 watt fluorescent tubes...  more»

Parking Garage LED Luminaires
The EDGE two-level parking garage LED luminaire features a fully integrated occupancy sensor...  more»

Occupancy Sensor
Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
The Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensor can be retrofit without rewiring...  more»

Lighting Control System
Digital Lighting Management is a suite of plug-together lighting controls...  more»

Electronic Ballast
Robertson Worldwide
The EasyDim program start, multi-volt, electronic ballast provides three levels of light reduction...  more»

Energy Audit Program
Schneider Electric
Energy-Savings Program’s energy audit and facility analysis establishes targeted energy conservation measures (ECMs)...  more»

Wireless Lighting Control System
Lamar Lighting
Control-Smart is a factory-integrated wireless control system for fluorescent luminaires..  more»

Energy Control System
Encelium Technologies Inc.
The Energy Control System integrated lighting control and energy management system can address each fluorescent light fixture.  more»

Biometric Keypad
NAPCO Security Technologies Inc.
Biometric Keypad can be used with most brands of alarm panels...  more»

Outdoor Lighting System
Outdoor Lighting system combines HID and other traditional lighting sources...  more»

T4 Ballast
Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
Ballast dims T4 compact fluorescent lamps...  more»

Dimmable LED Lamps
Dimmable LED Lamps offer a life of 50,000 hours...  more»

Energy Assessment Services
VFA Inc.
Energy Assessment Services analyze the return on potential energy efficiency investments...  more»

Window Films
3M Building Safety Solutions
The company  more»

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