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Beginning on the Path To Energy Star Certification

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How did the path down Energy Star certification for you facilities begin?

Fulton County Board of Education has 95 properties listed as earning Energy Star certification at least once between 2008 and 2012, and often multiple years. Fulton County Schools has a history of building high quality schools that provide room level temperature control, particularly since construction bond programs dating to the late 1980s and from a one percent Educational Special Local Option Sales Tax(E-SPLOST) since 1997. Since 1997 Fulton has built 41 new and replacement schools that reflect quality design that embraces life-cycle evaluation of building envelope and systems selections.  Additionally, the E-SPLOST funded service life extensions/capital renewals in older schools reflect, when it makes economic sense, new construction standards.

Answers provided by Joseph Clements PE, CEM, Executive Director, Facilities Services for Fulton County School System, College Park, Ga.

posted on 12/12/2013