Ice machine

Keeping Hospital Ice Machines Safe from Coronavirus

  March 30, 2020

By Cathy Jakicic

While ice machines are not an environment where viruses, like COVID-19, can grow because a virus requires a living cell in order to reproduce. While it is possible to transfer coronavirus to a patient by someone using an ice machine, there are ways to ensure that this doesn’t happen, according to a blog post on the Healthcare Facilities Today website.

To reduce the chances of contamination and spreading the disease when serving ice to patients:

• Always keep the bin door closed when ice is not being used.

• Require employees to wash their hands before scooping ice out of the bin.

• Always use an ice scoop to dispense ice. Do not scoop using glassware.

• Store the ice scoop outside of the bin.


• Regularly clean and rinse the scoop with a mixture of 8 oz of chlorine bleach per gallon of water.

Cathryn Jakicic is healthcare industries editor of FacilitiesNet.com. For more information on hospital campuses and other medical facilities, click here.


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