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Offices to Remain 37 Percent Empty After Pandemic: Poll

At some point the pandemic will end – hey, we can all dream, right?  

When it does happen, facility managers and business owners will get a true taste of what employees truly desire for their working conditions. 

According to a recent Gallup poll, a 37 percent reduction of in-person work days will become the norm for buildings across the country.  

Gallup estimates 125 million full-time jobs exist in America, and of those, about half of them can be done remotely from working at home. These jobs, Gallup concluded, range from accounting firms to construction companies who work in a corporate setting. 

Of the estimated 60 million people who can work from home, Gallup found that 30 percent never want to return to the office after the pandemic, 10 percent want to work all five days in the office, and the remaining 60 percent desire a split between home and the office, with trends leaning toward two or three office days a week. 

The most popular reasons for wanting to work from home included eliminating a commute, improving wellbeing, and provides flexibility to balance family needs and other obligations. 

Dave Lubach is managing editor, Facility Market.


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