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Wireless Sensors Designed for Outdoor Lighting Applications - Daintree Networks - Facility Management Product Release

Wireless Sensors Designed for Outdoor Lighting Applications: Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks’ WHS100 wireless sensor provides integrated wireless connectivity and an embedded motion control sensor in one package and operates with the ControlScope wireless building control solution. The WHS100 wireless sensor is an extremely versatile solution for a wide range of fixture types, including high-bay, mid-bay, and low-bay luminaires for industrial and warehouse facilities. With a wide operating temperature range and wet location rating, the WHS100 is well-suited for manufacturing environments, as well as parking and outdoor area lighting applications. Integration of sensing with wireless connectivity provides a one-box solution that reduces the cost, while the design of the sensor allows for easy installation into the fixture and optimal wireless RF performance.

By adding the capability of the WHS100 Wireless Sensor to its product portfolio, Daintree Networks continues to build on its wireless control solution for lighting and multiple applications beyond lighting, such as thermostats, fans, plug loads, and more.

Using open standards ZigBee PRO wireless communications, the WHS100 operates seamlessly with other standard ZigBee PRO wireless products in the Daintree ControlScope ecosystem to provide advanced lighting control, such as smart scheduling, daylight harvesting, task tuning and more, in addition to occupancy-based control. With built-in metering, the WHS100 can monitor and measure the energy consumption of the lighting load being controlled, and also enable automatic fault detection.

“The introduction of the WHS100 is Daintree Networks’ response to the industry need and is reflective of the aggressive development of the Enterprise Internet of Things, or E-IoT,” says Danny Yu, Daintree Networks CEO. Integrating sensors with wireless connectivity dramatically reduces the cost to control industrial and outdoor fixtures and makes it even easier to roll out our solution. Through Daintree’s ControlScope, we provide the software and wireless foundation to control lights and so much more. The move into fully-embedded, multiple-application control exemplifies the company’s vision to enable the E-IoT for our customers.”

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posted: 11/16/2015