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Wireless Lighting System Delivers From Single LED Luminaire - Osram Sylvania - Facility Management Product Release

Wireless Lighting System Delivers From Single LED Luminaire: Osram Sylvania

Osram Sylvania
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With OmniPoint, the light output and placement are quickly reconfigurable via a wireless device and Android or iOS app. As a result, the user has the ability to quickly adjust the effective beam direction and angle, beam shape and distribution at the touch of a finger, rather than requiring a ladder and the extensive time needed to manually adjust various light sources. Light emerges from a small common focal point, with an aperture about the size of a 5-inch downlight, creating sharp shadows with no multiple shadowing effects. The resulting beam direction is manipulated electronically without mechanical moving parts for silent and reliable operation.

“With Osram OmniPoint, lighting designers can do things never before possible like create circular or elliptical highlights easily and move them anywhere in the interface to see the results of their design in real time,” said Jerry Ryu, principal lighting designer, Osram Sylvania. “They can shape and combine multiple beams to create nearly limitless lighting designs for various applications.”

Key Features & Benefits of OmniPoint include: