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Wireless Lighting Control: Lutron

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Vive Integral Fixture Control is a wireless lighting control solution that can turn any fixture into a wireless, smart fixture. Lutron’s Integral Fixture Control can be used on its own or within the Lutron Vive wireless lighting control system, a scalable, flexible solution enabling energy savings and comfort-enhancing benefits for new and existing commercial buildings.

Ideal for commercial or government offices and educational facilities, the fixture control technology works with any Lutron EcoSystem LED driver or third-party DALI drivers.

The Integral Fixture Control is designed to work with a wide range of luminaire manufacturers and comes in an RF-only and sensor-enabled versions. The RF-only version can be mounted above the ceiling and paired with Lutron’s area level wireless sensors.

The sensor-enabled controller features fixture-level occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting capabilities in addition to wireless communication. The Vive Integral Fixture Control is integrated directly into a luminaire and sent to the job site, pre-installed from the factory.

By providing a fixture-by-fixture control solution and eliminating wiring between fixtures, the Integral Fixture Control dramatically reduces design challenges, installation difficulties and energy usage:
—Fixture level control simplifies design by eliminating the need to take zoning and control wiring into account.
—Zoning of control and sensing can be adjusted at any time, even after installation.
— Removes the need to modify the fixture on site.

After installation, the solution leverages Lutron’s Clear Connect wireless technology to ensure performance and minimize the risk of callbacks to the jobsite for troubleshooting or performance issues. The Integral Fixture Control ensures the lighting will easily evolve with the needs of the space. Individual fixture control and the Lutron Vive app make re-zoning simple and fast, giving the end user infinite flexibility to update the space’s lighting as needed.

The Vive Integral Fixture Control is designed to work with Lutron’s EcoSystem LED Drivers as well as third-party DALI drivers. Additionally, Lutron has announced alliances with Philips and Osram to make the Integral Fixture Control technology compatible with their sensor-capable drivers.


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posted: 3/7/2018