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Wireless Lighting Control - EnOcean Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Wireless Lighting Control: EnOcean Inc.

EnOcean Inc.
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The ER1C-A-277 is a wireless lighting control system comprised of EnOcean’s wireless/battery-free switch and the Echoflex receiver. The switches operate like normal light switches except they transmit wireless signals to control lights. The switches are powered by energy harvesting technology utilizing a coil and magnet inside the switch that generates energy from the force used to press the switch.

The device is adapted for warehouses settings where control of high-bay and HID lighting is required. It is able to learn up to 32 wireless switches and able to switch a 20A at 277VAC ballast load. The device comes in a plastic junction box that encloses all low voltage parts plus the Learn and Clear buttons. The device can be mounted beside a line voltage junction box so as to intercept the branch circuit to which ever lights are to be controlled. Requires 277VAC to operate.

The device is available in a 120VAC model as well as a 120/277VAC dual voltage model. Each receiver stores the unique ID of up to 30 switches and is re-programmable simplifying the addition of switches. Each switch can be paired with an unlimited amount of receivers.

The decorator-style switches look identical to standard wired switches but can be installed into junction boxes, plaster rings or flush mounted to any surface with screws, tape, or adhesive. The switches are designed to be maintenance free for more than 20 years, according to EnOcean.


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posted: 1/23/2007