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Variable Ballast Control - IEPC Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Variable Ballast Control: IEPC Corp.

IEPC Corp.
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The Vari-Ballast Control (VBC) lighting control from IEPC Corp. combines solid-state electronics with on-site, remote and aggregate Web-based controls. The system provides customers with energy-efficient lighting control that reduces the number of ballasts and amount of re-wiring necessary to install a typical fluorescent system.

The VBC enables the use of any T5 and T8 florescent ballasts. The system is plug-and-play; after installation, customers can change voltage input, lamp wattage, lamp type and manufacturer without modifications.

The lighting control unit provides universal input voltages from 90V to 300V and variable output wattages from 14 watts to 430 watts. It also features a small footprint of 6-by -6 by-4 inches. It complies with TUV/UL and FCC standards and provides controlled start-up and shut-down to extend lamp and ballast life. The lighting control is designed for indoor and outdoor lighting applications and meets existing and proposed energy-efficiency guidelines, such as California's Title 24.


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posted: 9/4/2007