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Task Chair Options Accommodate Flexibility - HON - Facility Management Product Release

Task Chair Options Accommodate Flexibility: HON

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Solve high performance task chair is now available with a Titanium frame, four new ilira-stretch mesh colors and additional arm options.

A first for HON, Solve’s Titanium frame provides users a new aesthetic to define the style of their space. Additional ilira-stretch mesh color options have been added to the standard black back option, and include navy, chai, charcoal and fog. Solve also now offers fixed and 4D adjustable arms as well as the current 2D height and width adjustable arms.

Solve’s responsive design adapts intuitively to user movement to provide continuous comfort and ventilation options through three unique back materials. Breathable ilira-stretch mesh provides responsive support and leverages the user’s weight to create a softer sit. The ReActiv Back option provides a flexible material with a distinctive hexagonal design that offers the breathability of mesh while providing the support of a standard back that flexes independently and moves with the user to deliver continuous support and comfort. An optional upholstered front for the ReActiv Back increases support and thermal comfort.

“Every employee is different and people are looking for flexible seating to provide support throughout their work day and throughout different work environments within the office,” says Brian Trego, Vice President, Product Management and Development at The HON Company. “Solve provides just that.”


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posted: 2/1/2017