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T8 LED Lamp Works With or Without Ballast - Forest Lighting - Facility Management Product Release

T8 LED Lamp Works With or Without Ballast: Forest Lighting

Forest Lighting
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Forest Lighting has announced the availability of new T8 LED Linear Lamps, named UniV8, designed to operate with or without a ballast. UniV8 LED Lamps are competitively priced, and offer customers a simplified choice when selecting T8 LED Lamps. It is UL Listed, NSF Certified, and DLC Certified — a requirement for obtaining rebates from utilities and municipalities.

The Forest Lighting UniV8 T8 LED Lamp is four feet long, and available in 15 Watt (W) and 19 W models. Four-color temperatures are available: 3,500 Kelvin (K,) 4,100 K, 5,000 K, and 6,000 K. CRI is less than 80 RA, and the efficacy is up to 115 lumens per watt. It will last 50,000 hours.

“Forest Lighting is among a small number of T8 LED manufacturers offering a universal retrofit solution that saves energy, labor and maintenance costs,” says Jian Ni, chief operating officer of Forest Lighting. “Customers should carefully compare certifications, operating parameters, quality history, warranty and price for this type of product. We believe the Forest Lighting UniV8 T8 LED Lamp, which is in stock at our U.S. warehouses, will outperform all other products in the marketplace.”


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posted: 2/25/2016