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Solar-Powered Daylight Sensor to Automate Roller Shades - MechoSystems - Facility Management Product Release

Solar-Powered Daylight Sensor to Automate Roller Shades: MechoSystems

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The unobtrusive and battery-less Wireless Daylight Sensor utilizes a special integrated solar-powered photo sensor to monitor the light coming through the curtainwall and, via EnOcean RF communication technology, transmits data to a daylight controller to move roller shades in small offices and commercial spaces effortlessly.

Daylight information is sent by the Wireless Daylight Sensor to a wireless controller directly connected to the MechoNet data network, enabling shades in the space to move autonomously. These two units move shades to full up, full down, and to intermediate positions, based on daylight present at the curtainwall/window without additional hardware/computers/sensors being required. No cabling is needed, so the system is perfect for retrofit.

“The peel-n‐stick sensor by itself is a sleek, compact device, almost-chameleon-like when placed near the mullion and the use of EnOcean technology allows an entire ecosystem of sensors communicating effectively about conditions in the built-environment,” says Steve Hebeisen, MechoSystems Engineering Director.


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posted: 10/19/2016