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Technology Designed to Ease Installation of Wireless Lighting Control Systems - Synapse Wireless - Facility Management Product Release

Synapse Wireless

Synapse Wireless announced new developments to SimplySNAP and their DIM10 family of lighting controls. These cutting edge improvements will give designers, specifiers, and manufacturers a low-cost, long-range platform for automation and monitoring capabilities across a wide range of applications, appliances and solutions.

SimplySNAP is an on-site lighting solution that monitors and controls LEDs and other lights from a mobile device without requiring an Internet connection. The flexible solution is ideal for smaller installations and enables storage and display of power data, alarms and critical events for maintenance and troubleshooting. In addition, SimplySNAP allows the user to easily integrate sensors into their lighting control system with pre-defined behaviors, and will partner with a wide selection of third party switches, photocells and occupancy sensors using the newly launched DIM10-250 controller. The streamlined process of adding and setting up sensors and switches as part of SimplySNAP eliminates the complexity that’s typically associated with configuring a lighting control system. In addition, the remote access feature allows facility managers with multiple locations to now manage their sites through a secure connection to the site-based controller.

“SimplySNAP is an innovative tool that provides actionable insight that can be used to make real time decisions, which ultimately impact a company’s bottom line,” says Kathryn Caspar, Vice President and General Manager, Synapse Lighting. “This tool will change the way in which customers look at our lighting control systems. I am excited to share these new advances with our customers.”

To support SimplySNAP, Synapse carries a family of award-winning wireless lighting controllers, the DIM10 series. These devices have expanded functionality and make it faster and easier to install and commission systems. They provide both indoor and outdoor functionality, can integrate with either the SimplySNAP on-site solution or a cloud-based solution, and are flexible enough for retrofit or new installations.

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posted: 11/11/2015