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Flat Panel LED Designed for Replacing Troffers and Fluorescent Fixtures - Solas Ray Lighting - Facility Management Product Release

Flat Panel LED Designed for Replacing Troffers and Fluorescent Fixtures: Solas Ray Lighting

Solas Ray Lighting

The Flat Panel LED fixture is the ideal replacement for troffers and fluorescent fixtures. This fixture provides natural shadowless light featuring superior light quality and installation flexibility.

Designed to lay in drop ceilings, this fixture is the new standard in lighting commercial spaces such as offices, hospitals, schools, commercial facilities, hospitality, general purpose, and as an alternative to troffers.

Specification and features include:

• Metal housing is approved for indoor use.

• The design eliminates warping or bending offering level installation.

• LEDs available in 1’ x 4‘, 2’ x 2‘ and 2’ x 4‘ sizes

• The aluminum housing is finished in white

• White acrylic lens

• Directional output-LEDs arrayed along the inside edges of the heat sink

• Have CCT options of 4000 & 5000k

• Color rending index of less than 80

• 120-277 volt

• High output and multi-volt

• System can be equipped with control options such as occupancy sensors

• Dimming standard on fall fixtures

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posted: 11/6/2015