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Outdoor Lighting Control Has Embedded Intelligence - Hubbell Lighting - Facility Management Product Release

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SiteSync Lighting Control represents the evolution of Hubbell Lighting’s wireless offering and replaces Beaconnect. The value of SiteSync Lighting Control is built on control flexibility, ease of design, installation simplicity and a reliable wireless architecture. This provides customers with an adaptable control solution that delivers immediate energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and code compliance for a wealth of spaces and budgets. The technology has been developed to specifically address and meet key energy code compliance requirements (ASHRAE, IECC and CA Title 24).


With its pre-programmed approach, installation of SiteSync Lighting Control becomes a quick and easy process, greatly reducing the complexity, time and cost compared to typical field commissioned systems. Customers simply fill out a worksheet and Hubbell Lighting does the rest; commissioning the fixtures, tagging them for identification in the field and providing a site map for field installation reference. To complete the installation, a customer will use the SiteSync software to broadcast the date and time to fixtures, and the system will instantly be up and running.

Users are empowered to make any design changes with multiple individual and complex group / zone dimming schedules using real or astronomical time clock with motion sensor support (master/satellite). Embedded intelligence at fixture provides onboard real time clock, flash memory for data retention, and backup solid-state battery for date and time retention.


SiteSync Lighting Control leverages its reliable wireless technology and embedded intelligence at the fixture to provide peace-of-mind. It relieves the end user of dependency on a web-based system and the associated cyber security concerns. Through a semi-autonomous approach, fixtures operate independently yet can communicate with each other when needed as a “mesh network,” allowing for schedules to be synchronized with sensors by group, zone or dimmed by astronomic events. Additionally, advanced security features are offered for encryption and RF channel selection.

The semi-autonomous wireless mesh network behind SiteSync Lighting Control provides a cyber safe platform that delivers reliable communication and control versus gateway-based systems.


The distributed intelligence featured in SiteSync Lighting Control alleviates the need and cost for web access, central controller or gateways. This removes costs associated with required recurring fees for service, support or licenses. It is designed to arrive to the site pre-programmed in Hubbell’s luminaires, reducing installation cost while providing control flexibility to modify the system in the field at any time.


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posted: 4/17/2017