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Locally Hosted Wireless Lighting Controls Solution Offered - Synapse Wireless - Facility Management Product Release

Locally Hosted Wireless Lighting Controls Solution Offered: Synapse Wireless

Synapse Wireless

SimplySNAP is a locally hosted wireless lighting controls solution for managing LED lights via an 802.15.4 SNAP mesh network. The product operates through fixture agnostic hardware, which can be installed through retrofitting and configured to control a single light or a bank of lights.

Offering the ability to control indoor and outdoor lights through a single solution, SimplySNAP is scalable to hundreds of lights. With the system controlled by a single site controller, day-to-day operation is uncomplicated through a mobile-friendly interface via Wi-Fi. Commissioning is simple with manual entry, CSV upload, the use of Synapse's mobile app or auto-discovery of the lighting network.

Power data, alarms, and critical events are stored locally for maintenance and troubleshooting. The integration of sensors allows full customization of the lighting network's behaviors under a variety of situations, while the over the air upgrades ensure the latest features, functionality and technological advancements are deployed throughout the SimplySNAP lighting controls system.


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posted: 10/20/2016