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Lighting Subpanel - Juno Lighting Group - Facility Management Product Release

Lighting Subpanel: Juno Lighting Group

Juno Lighting Group
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The Trac-Master Current Limiting Subpanel, which complies with energy codes like ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24, is designed to limit the available wattage to lighting circuits to their design specification.

Energy codes typically calculate trac lighting loads based on linear feet of installed trac. When using energy-efficient lighting technologies, the connected load is typically much less than the per-foot multipliers used by most energy codes, thus penalizing lighting designs with energy-efficient trac lighting and wasting available unused lighting watts.

The current limiting subpanel is installed like a circuit breaker panel. It uses supplementary current limiting circuit breakers configured specifically for the lighting design in the space. Rather than lighting loads being calculated by the greater of maximum fixture wattage ratings or an arbitrary watts-per-foot multiplier, the subpanel enables calculations based on the rating of the supplementary breaker. Lighting density isn’t calculated by linear trac distance, but by the rating of the subpanel circuit breaker for each trac circuit.

Because it limits a circuit and not the lighting equipment, the subpanel can accommodate frequent lighting design modifications and layout changes. In addition, the Subpanel achieves real energy savings for trac lighting by allowing the use of high-efficiency trac fixtures such as CMH, T5HO and low voltage HIR MR16 lamps. It is factory preassembled to the customer’s specification, so no programming is required.


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posted: 10/20/2006