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Lighting Fixtures: LG ELECTRONICS

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LED ballasted tube lighting fixtures with external drivers from LG Electronics meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s stringent new external power supply standards that took effect in 2016.  

By meeting the DOE’s Level VI standard requiring a standby “no load draw” of less than 0.3 watts, LG’s LED tubes and drivers help facility managers reduce energy consumption and associated costs. The fixture also features wireless controls.

Similar to LG’s series of LED troffers and high bays, LG’s ballasted tube and driver fixture (model 2-LED) features wireless controls configurable with LG’s Sensor Connect system that allows a mobile app to customize light levels as well as occupancy and daylight harvesting settings. The 2-LED also can leverage the ZigBee open standard protocol to connect to more powerful lighting and energy controls packages, such as ControlScope from Daintree Networks.

In addition to ZigBee wireless dimming control, LG’s external driver solution replaces the existing fluorescent ballast and does not bring line voltage into a potential point of contact for maintenance crew.


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posted: 6/7/2017