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Lighting Control Sensor Transmitter - EnOcean Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Lighting Control Sensor Transmitter: EnOcean Inc.

EnOcean Inc.
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EnOcean’s STM 110 is a wireless, battery-free sensor transmitter that integrates all sensor functions into a single module for lighting-control products. The device harvests and stores solar energy for power. It measures incoming data with ultra-low power electronics and transmits via radio signals.

The integrated module makes possible scalable and continuously adaptable sensor networks that can sense and transmit data on temperature, gas, humidity, vapor, current, light levels, water, pressure, location, occupancy and other parameters. Because the module requires neither line voltage nor batteries, it is virtually maintenance free. Most installations do not require outside electricians or added networking overhead for managing the radio frequency.

The module is fully compatible with existing sensors and industry-standard networks, such as LON, Ethernet, group receivers and central building controllers. It can communicate with multiple receivers, allowing for flexibility in designing sensor networks.


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posted: 9/26/2007