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Lighting Control - IEPC Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Lighting Control: IEPC Corp.

IEPC Corp.
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The VB400 lighting control provides a more efficient and cost-effective lighting control system alternative for HID lamp lighting applications compared to T5/T8 replacements, according to the company. The system reduces the HID lighting fixture count by 25 to 33 percent and lowers energy costs by as much as 40 to 60 percent without a fluorescent system’s initial investment. The VB400 replaces magnetic ballasts, timers, relays, control panels, photo cells and wiring required to connect each lighting fixture to all other external parts, as well as to the control panel.

The LC (a number of VB400s working together via software) can control as many lamps as can be connected to the Internet. The system has a built-in dimmer, timer, scheduler and photo cell and allows for scene control to emulate sunlight. An onboard digital display offers individual control, while wired or wireless control of all functions, a computer interface for networking, and remote controls via Internet provide control capabilities for any number of locations. The VB400 enables the use of 200W to 400W bulbs no matter what manufacturer, wattage, HID type or input voltage. The system is plug-and-play, and after installation users can change voltage input, lamp wattage, lamp type and manufacturer without modifications.


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posted: 5/30/2007