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Lighting Accessory - PureSpectrum Technology - Facility Management Product Release

PureSpectrum Technology
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PureSpectrum Technology creates a perfect waveform by significantly minimizing power line distortion and reducing total harmonic distortion. By decreasing phase displacement and reducing harmonic content, more electricity is channeled directly into a device’s functionality. As a result of this alteration in the mechanics of the lighting device, the amount of unproductive reactive power is reduced. The company does not intend to manufacturer light bulbs but is seeking to generate revenue by licensing this patented technology to existing lighting manufacturers.

Recent test results performed by CSA International in Alpharetta, Ga., confirmed that a T-4 fluorescent lamp prototype built with PureSpectrum Technology exceeds Energy Star minimum requirements for Color Rendering Index (CRI). Testing has also proved that the same prototype exceeds Energy Star requirements for energy efficiency by more than 30 percent.


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posted: 3/21/2007