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LED Troffer Designed for Restricted Plenum Spaces - Columbia Lighting - Facility Management Product Release

LED Troffer Designed for Restricted Plenum Spaces: Columbia Lighting

Columbia Lighting
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Hubbell Lighting announced that Columbia Lighting has launched a LED version of its famous Zero Plenum Troffer, the unique high performance luminaire for restricted plenum spaces.

“LZPT” stands for LED Zero Plenum Troffer. Customers in the education, healthcare, retail and commercial industries have been asking Columbia Lighting to provide a LED version of the ZPT, which addresses the issue of restricted plenum spaces without impacting the required distribution of light.

For installation, the patented telescoping housing requires only three inches above the ceiling at one end of the fixture. Once installed, a housing height of 1.5″ keeps the fixture from intruding into the useable plenum. The LZPT’s innovative design allows for this functionality without the sacrifice of aesthetics, a key requirement from the design community.

“Our luminaires evolve to complement the needs of our customers,” said Columbia Lighting’s Director of New Product Innovation, Martin Werr. “In the 1960s, we introduced the first parabolic troffer, considered by many to be the most important development in lighting in the past 50 years. We’ve parlayed that success into robust R&D to bring new products like the LZPT to fruition. Restricted plenum spaces have become a significant issue for customers in recent years, and we expect the market to respond favorably to this new product.”

Features and Benefits of the LZPT:

● Housing depth of only 11/2″ – no taller than standard T-bar
● Does not intrude into usable plenum space
● Unique telescoping housing minimizes installation depth and simplifies installation
● Long-life, 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 (80% lumen maintenance) reduce life cycle maintenance costs
● Four LED color choices
● Multiple lumen packages ranging from 1900 to 9100 nominal lumens
● Superior color consistency to a 3-step MacAdam ellipse and 82 CRI
● Soft, uniform light distribution provides excellent vertical illumination free from harsh contrast
● QR code traceability
● Five year warranty


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posted: 10/21/2016