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LED Luminaire - Eaton - Facility Management Product Release

LED Luminaire: Eaton

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The Neo-Ray Covera product family offers a variety of scalable and flexible design solutions, integrating seamlessly into any commercial or high-end residential space. Available in 2- or 4-foot lengths with a variety of mounting options and lumen packages, the curved optical design enables designers to use the luminaire in a variety of applications from task and decorative lighting to ambient lighting in an open office environment. Unique to the Covera luminaires, custom finishes options include of selection of three standard and six architectural hydrographic finishes, to help enhance spaces.

Eaton’s patented WaveStream LED technology features laser-precise AccuAim optics arranged in exacting patterns to provide unparalleled brightness control, while delivering optimal distributions tailored to each fixture and application.

The advanced LuxWire technology delivers low-voltage power to the luminaires through the same aircraft cables from which it’s suspended, allowing drivers and bulky power cords to be placed above the ceiling.

Many interior spaces are vacant during off-peak times, remaining fully illuminated, wasting energy and shortening the life of the system. To maximize operating efficiency and overall savings, while driving down maintenance and installation costs, Eaton offers integral 0-10V dimming drivers as standard and a wide range of enabled and connected lighting options, allowing the lighting to be controlled by external systems or an optional FifthLight DALI driver to enable addressable digital control. In addition, Covera is available with Eaton’s connected lighting solutions. The Distributed Low-Voltage Power (DLVP) System implifies energy efficient code compliance and streamlines installation, reducing the total installed cost of a lighting with controls project by up to 20 percent.

Eaton’s LumaWatt Pro Connected Lighting System powered by Enlighted, allows customers to reduce energy costs, improve occupant comfort and establish a unified solution for energy management and building automation. The system allows users to take advantage of the advanced Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to acquire actionable, granular data on lightingenergy use and performance, space utilization, asset tracking, HVAC and more.


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posted: 9/6/2017