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LED Lighting System Shines Spotlight on Hospital Patient Rooms - Acuity Brands Lighting - Facility Management Product Release

LED Lighting System Shines Spotlight on Hospital Patient Rooms: Acuity Brands Lighting

Acuity Brands Lighting
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The Entera™ system from Healthcare Lighting® marries the fresh design of LED illumination with integral controls to help enable the best in patient care. The multi-functional system can provide the appropriate level of energy-efficient lighting, at any time of the day.

“First-rate hospital room lighting can have a positive impact on patient health, hospital staff performance and a facility’s energy management. We believe Entera makes great strides in optimizing all three areas,” says Garrett Grega, Director, Healthcare Lighting Product Market, Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. “With customizable light levels, low maintenance requirements and long-life expectancy, our Entera LED platform balances caregiver needs with patient comfort.”

Designed specifically for ambient and task lighting requirements in patient rooms, the Entera platform offers recessed (2-by-2 feet and 2-by-4 feet) and wall sconce options, each providing features and amenities that may enhance both hospital staff functionality and patient care/comfort.

In Caregiver Exam mode, Entera luminaires provide precision optics that direct up to 75 foot-candles on the bed surface, along with the color accuracy to allow for effective observation. Patient/Guest Ambient mode uses four preset light levels (20, 50, 80 and 100 percent) that can be controlled from the patients’ beds in order for them to configure their own environments. Flicker-free, continuous dimming down to 1 percent is also available– which can bolster energy efficiency. Lastly, Nighttime mode provides low ambient light levels comfortable for sleeping, while enabling nurses and staff to move about or safely perform examinations.

The Entera LED luminaires are designed to last up to 50,000 hours, virtually eliminating the maintenance burden of re-lamping.

The ambient section of Entera luminaires is driven by nLight®, a lighting control technology enabling plug-n-play networking with other nLight control devices, such as occupancy sensors, photocells and wall stations. nLight technology cost-effectively integrates time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based, and manual lighting controls. Designed to function standalone in an individual zone or networked together across an entire hospital, nLIGHT is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install system that can cut energy consumption and enhance occupant convenience.


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posted: 6/9/2015