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LED Driver Produces Smoother, Flicker-Free Dimming - Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

LED Driver Produces Smoother, Flicker-Free Dimming: Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
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Lutron Electronics launched the Hi-lume Premier 0.1% constant voltage driver, the world’s first LED driver with beautiful, smooth, flicker-free 0.1% dimming and Soft-on, Fade-to-Black dimming for the most incandescent-like experience on the market. Featuring wired and wireless control options, the driver offers extremely easy setup in commercial retrofit applications. The launch of the new Hi-lume Premier 0.1% driver also rounds out the three-tiered family of Lutron LED drivers, which makes it simpler than ever to specify, budget and deliver Lutron LED control solutions.

When it comes to LED dimming, customers want the energy efficiency of LEDs, but they don’t want to sacrifice the dimming performance they have come to expect from incandescent lighting. With the new Hi-lume Premier 0.1% 96 watt (W) constant voltage LED driver, customers no longer have to make that sacrifice. Ideal for theaters, restaurants, kitchens and architectural spaces with lit coves and soffits, the performance of the Hi-Lume Premier 0.1% is so advanced that it eliminates any perceived “blink on” or drop out.

Hi-lume Premier 0.1% is also one of the most flexible and easy to set up LED drivers available. The dimming performance is optimized when it is paired with Lutron Lumaris Linear Lighting. Customers can also pair it with any constant voltage LED strip or tape lighting of their choosing. Simply connect the driver to the fixture to gain powerful, unmatched Hi-lume Premier 0.1% dimming performance. With convenient wireless remote mounting options, the driver is also extremely simple to install — even in retrofit projects — since it doesn’t require rewiring or breaking into walls.

“Hi-lume Premier 0.1% takes LED dimming firmly into a space where customers will no longer be able to distinguish its dimming performance from that of incandescent lighting,” says Eric Lind, Vice President of Global Specifications.


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posted: 7/20/2016