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LED Area Light Serves as Replacement for 1,000-Watt Bulb - MaxLite Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

LED Area Light Serves as Replacement for 1,000-Watt Bulb: MaxLite Inc.

MaxLite Inc.
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Delivering exceptional energy efficiency in a lightweight design that easily mounts to existing poles, MaxLite presents the ARX Series LED X-Large Area Light as the perfect 1,000-watt retrofit solution for parking lots, campuses, automotive dealerships and large retail locations.

The ARX weighs less than 20 pounds and has a low effective projected area (EPA) of 0.95 square feet, enabling the luminaire to be mounted to incumbent lighting poles for a quick and cost-effective retrofit process. With an output of approximately 29,000 lumens, the 250-watt LED ARX delivers market-leading efficacy of 114 lumens per watt, and 80 percent energy savings over the traditional 1,000-watt metal halide lights it is designed to replace. High lumen output, Type V distribution and excellent color rendering make ARX an ideal choice for showcasing vehicles in front row and backlot displays at automotive dealerships. At a 30-foot mounting height, the ARX symmetrically distributes light over a coverage area more than 60 feet in length.

“A significant share of existing area lighting is 1,000 watts, but current retrofit solutions are limited in wattage and efficacy,” says Director of Outdoor Product Management Eric Fournier. “The ARX luminaire’s high output and efficiency, along with its low weight and EPA, make it uniquely competitive in the area lighting category.”

Designed for maximum durability and longevity, the ARX is engineered to perform in a wide operating temperature range of minus 40 degrees to 108 degrees Fahrenheit, and comes issued with 20kA surge suppression to guard the luminaire against extreme electrical disturbances. The ARX is rated to a lumen maintenance period of 345,000 hours at L70 standards.

The ARX is available in a bronze finish standard or optional white finish, making it a perfect high-output complement to QuadroMAX, MaxLite’s universal and scalable outdoor LED lighting system. Additional product options include 347-480V circuit compatibility. The ARX is dimmable using 0-10V controls, and can be combined with motion and daylight sensors for additional energy savings.

The ARX has earned DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Premium listing, qualifying the luminaire for utility rebate programs. Even without rebates, return on investment for a retrofit project is estimated at less than two years based on 12-hour operation at the national electric rate ($0.1056/kWh).


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posted: 8/24/2016