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LED Accent Lighting Designed for Stairway and Hallway Installations - Super Bright LEDs - Facility Management Product Release

Super Bright LEDs
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Mini-recessed LED accent lights are perfect for under-cabinet lighting, RV accent lighting, closet lighting, bar lighting, shelf lighting, and safety lighting for steps, stairways, and hallways.

The compact LED fixture easily flush mounts in a 1.03-inch hole with attached retaining clips. A single LED has an output of up to 58 lumens and creates a narrow spot or wide flood beam pattern of cool white illumination for aesthetic accent lighting as well as functional ambient lighting. This weatherproof LED accent light uses only 1 watt of power, has 12 VDC operation, and can be easily connected to any AC wiring system with a compatible power supply.


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posted: 2/17/2016