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IoT-enabled Lighting Management Software - Lutron Electronics - Facility Management Product Release

IoT-enabled Lighting Management Software: Lutron Electronics

Lutron Electronics
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Vive Vue software delivers information about how the building is actually being used, from how much energy is being saved to how often people are using the conference rooms, enabling building operations teams to maximize energy efficiency, space utilization, comfort, and productivity.

From a PC, tablet or smart phone, Vive Vue users can control and configure the lights as well as monitor, analyze, and report on the activity and performance of the lighting system in the building. The software also facilitates intuitive graphical reporting on space utilization and occupancy patterns. Facilities teams can reduce costs and improve occupant satisfaction by using lighting control system information to make better decisions about layouts, room type mix, and even total square footage requirements.

Vive Vue enhances Lutron’s Vive Wireless system, which delivers simple, scalable, wireless lighting control solutions. The Vive Vue software aggregates data from all Vive-enabled technologies, including the Vive Wireless Fixture Control, a wireless lighting control solution that can turn any fixture into a wireless, smart fixture.

Vive Vue software can be included with the original hardware installation, or it can be added later without replacing or changing any hardware.


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posted: 5/18/2018