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Intelligent Lighting Control Sensors Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Applications - Enlighted Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Intelligent Lighting Control Sensors Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Applications: Enlighted Inc.

Enlighted Inc.
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Enlighted, Inc., the leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings, introduced the fourth generation family of its category-leading Intelligent Lighting Control sensors. The family includes four different sensors to satisfy every deployment option that customers desire, whether indoors (offices and warehouses), or outdoors (ruggedized sensors for parking lots and garages). All sensors use Enlighted's proven wireless networking to connect to each other and send data back to Enlighted's Cloud infrastructure, via a secure and robust wireless connection.

The new sensors also incorporate a Bluetooth 4.x radio, which can advertise presence (supporting both Apple iBeacon and Google EddyStone protocols), and receive Bluetooth data from other devices. This capability paves the way for a slew of new IoT applications for retail, healthcare and other verticals to be enabled on the Enlighted IoT platform.

"The decision to go with Bluetooth was both easy and powerful," says Tanuj Mohan, founder of Enlighted. "Bluetooth is a widely adopted standard today — there are billions of devices that support Bluetooth from cellphones to tags to wearables. By adding Bluetooth capabilities to our always-on sensors we are able to establish two-way communications with other Bluetooth devices and significantly enhance the capabilities of our IoT platform."

All four sensors also offer dual channel control, so that each sensor can control two drivers to provide color tuning for fixtures with compatible drivers. The dual channel control enables users to tune the colors of lights in harmony with circadian rhythms as well as to change the color temperature of the light to their preference.

"Our customers are taking the prospect of tunable white luminaires very seriously, but the reasons for this option being considered vary widely," says Jane White, executive vice president, sales and marketing for Finelite. "Opportunities are growing in learning environments, hospitality, healthcare, eldercare and offices. Each have unique needs driven by the occupant. That is why we are excited that the new generation of Enlighted Sensors will support Finelite's tunable white enabled luminaires. The dual channel capabilities for color tuning appear to be a cost effective means of bringing this option to the built environment."

"The introduction of the fourth generation family of our sensors is evidence of the rapid rate we are innovating in the market," says Enlighted CEO Joe Costello. "Our dedicated team continues to push the envelope on sensor technology, paving the way for mass adoption of IoT in commercial buildings, and we are thrilled about the new capabilities this offers our customers and partners."


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posted: 7/1/2016