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Height-adjustable Work Station - Allsteel - Facility Management Product Release

Height-adjustable Work Station: Allsteel

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Altitude A8 solves a multitude of workplace challenges including cable management, quick access to power and data, visual and auditory distractions in seated and standing positions, storage, and mobility.

Altitude A8 is made up of several components that work together to provide ease of use and ease of movement for the individual user. The core of the system is a discrete under-the-desk “power drawer” which acts as a hub for all power and cables. The power drawer consolidates the mess of cables found underneath most height-adjustable tables. The system consolidates all cables to a single exit point for an easy connection to the modular and reconfigurable “power rail” that lives on the floor. A low profile quick access door gives users access to the power strip located inside the power drawer. The privacy screen tucks between desks in a benching configuration and is designed to move with the height adjustable table as the user changes positions throughout the workday. These features allow the A8 system to be easily and reliably reconfigured as teams shift in the workplace.


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posted: 8/11/2018