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Flexible Lighting Strip Protection - Honeywell International - Facility Management Product Release

Honeywell International
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Honeywell’s barrier film system provides clear, moisture-resistant protection for Light Tape, a flexible light strip produced by Electro-LuminX Lighting Corp.

The new film system, called Aclam EL-100, encapsulates electroluminescent materials that glow when the light bulb is plugged in. Honeywell's new product protects the light-producing materials inside from decay due to moisture, yet allows light to fully shine without distorting color or interfering with the lamp's flexibility.

Light Tape is a flexible electroluminescent light bulb that is thinner than a business card and produces light by exciting light-emitting phosphors using electricity. The phosphors are located between two electrically conductive plates, which are then encapsulated by Honeywell's film system. Light Tape is manufactured in multiple colors and widths and can be produced in lengths of 300 feet or longer.


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posted: 11/30/2007