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Fiberoptic Ribbon Lighting - Spectra-Strip - Facility Management Product Release

Fiberoptic Ribbon Lighting: Spectra-Strip

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Spectra-Strip’s TapeLite – a low-profile optical fiber ribbon lighting system – is available for a wide range of architectural lighting applications including area lighting, safety illumination, and decorative design.

The flexible lighting system uses a flat, side-emitting fiberoptic cable designed to accept a wide range of lamps including quartz halogen, and metal halide. For green building designs, the ribbon illumination system can be paired with a solar collector to provide non-electrical daytime lighting throughout an office building.

Key features include use of a remote power source that keeps electrical components at a safe distance for wet or hazardous environments. There are no bulbs to burn out or replace in the cable, and the system can be made as continuous long-length cable, or with sections of twisted pairs for selective areas of light emission. Available in widths up to 3 inches.


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posted: 6/28/2007