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Exterior Lights: RAB Lighting

RAB Lighting
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The new RAB Full Cutoff Wallpack surface-mounted fixtures are designed to direct light down and out away from the building for improved performance, and greater security and safety.

The new WP1FC is configured to provide even light distribution and to meet stringent cut-off operation that prevents light from spilling up toward the sky, allowing them to meet local Dark Sky ordinances and IES requirements for full cut-off. The WP1FC is approved by the International Dark Sky Association, according to the company.

The attractive wallpack include precision die cast aluminum housing and is available in polyester powder coat white or bronze finish. The housing includes a silicone gasket for durable weatherproofing and easy relamping.

The WP1FC is available in 100 watt Metal Halide with QT ballast and 150 watt High Pressure Sodium with either a QT or 120 volt ballast. This gives users the competitive advantage of offering higher wattages in a smaller housing.


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posted: 5/1/2007