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Direct Install T5 LED Linear Tube Replaces Fluorescent Lamps - EarthTronics - Facility Management Product Release

Direct Install T5 LED Linear Tube Replaces Fluorescent Lamps: EarthTronics

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EarthTronics, dedicated to developing innovative energy efficient lighting products that provide a positive economic and environmental impact for its customers, introduces its new Type A direct install T5 LED linear tube to easily replace T5 fluorescent lamps working on program start high output ballast systems. This new technology from EarthTronics offers the first opportunity to cost-efficiently change out T5 fluorescent lamps in high bay warehouse and industrial fixtures.

With its 50,000 hour rated life combined with a 53 percent energy savings, the T5 LED linear tube delivers a quick return on investment with total lifetime savings that can exceed $159 dollars per lamp at an 11 cents/kwh energy cost.

“The addition of the 25-watt T5HO LED lamp allows for a cost effective and easy retrofit of existing high bay fixtures that utilize the 54 watt T5 fluorescent lamp. Because it works directly on the program start electronic ballast used in all of this fixture type, it creates a huge opportunity for energy savings within warehouse and industrial facilities” says Kevin Youngquist, Executive Vice President at EarthTronics. “With over 50 percent energy savings available, this lamp will have a return on investment of 18 months or less.”

The new lamp uses just 25 watts and produces 3200 lumens for 146 lumen per watt performance. Available in 4,000K and 5,000K color temperatures with a color rendering of greater than 80 percent, the T5 LED linear tube features EarthTronics glass tube construction to insure proper system cooling to support high lumen maintenance for long performance life. A proprietary diffuser coating that won’t flake or degrade provides for even illumination with nearly 300 degree beam spread.

This new energy efficient T5 Type A LED from EarthTronics is Design Light Consortium (DLC) listed. The lamp may be accepted for utility rebates in many markets.


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posted: 6/6/2016