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Dimming Control System - GE Consumer & Industrial - Facility Management Product Release

Dimming Control System: GE Consumer & Industrial

GE Consumer & Industrial
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The Dimming Control System is a standalone system for 0-10vdc dimming ballasts. Using either analog input from photocells or manual input from a handheld programmer or computer, the system can reduce a facility's lighting load when lights are not needed.

The system automatically responds to photocell inputs, or users can program dimming levels to a specific output level. Users can override and set output levels with a handheld programmer or the system software.

The system features photocell inputs and controller capacity for up to eight daylight optimization modules. Each output can drive up to 50 0-10vdc dimmable ballasts. For larger applications, technicians can network additional controllers via RS-485 or an optional Ethernet connection.


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posted: 11/16/2006