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Dimming Ballast - Advance - Facility Management Product Release

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Mark 10 Powerline electronic dimming ballasts include a model for use with 24-watt T5 High Output and 24-watt Long Twin Tube fluorescent lamp applications.

The compact new ballast measures 16.7-inches-by-1.18-inches-by-1-inch, making it suited for use in wall sconces, 2-foot-by-2-foot recessed fluorescent fixtures, and other applications where space may be at a premium. The ballast features IntelliVolt multiple-voltage technology, enabling the ballast to operate at 120 to 277 volts, 50/60 Hz.

The ballasts deliver full-range (100 percent to 5 percent) continuous dimming capability and take dimming signals directly from the power line, so no additional control wiring is required. The ballasts can operate with a wide variety of controls from more than 20 control manufacturers, including wall box dimmers, architectural dimmers, occupancy sensors, and others.

The ballasts feature operation above 40 kHz to minimize risk of interference problems as well as less than 10 percent total harmonic distortion. The model carries a 5-year warranty.


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posted: 3/14/2007