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Ballast - Universal Lighting Technologies Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Ballast: Universal Lighting Technologies Inc.

Universal Lighting Technologies Inc.
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The B332IUNVHEH-A ballast is specifically designed for high lumen 3-lamp fluorescent applications using today's new high bay fluorescent fixtures.

With two 3-lamp high ballast factor (1.18) ballasts in one 6-lamp F32T8 fixture, the delivered system lumens is equivalent to that of a standard 400-watt metal halide system but at almost half the input power, according to the company.

The ballasts include universal voltage design, from 120- to 277-volts. The B332IUNVHEH-A saves an additional 5 percent in energy savings over standard electronic ballasts and is compatible with standard F32T8 lamps as well as the 30-, 28-, and 25-Watt energy-saving T8 lamps, the company says.


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posted: 11/3/2006