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Greg Zimmerman

Greg Zimmerman
Executive Editor

Naomi Millan

Naomi Millán
Senior Editor

Online Only - Historic Landmarks 10 Best Practices To Preserve Historic Landmarks Each historical site is unique, but these strategies can help facility managers preserve historic buildings for years to come.
Online Only - Workplace Analytics Workplace Analytics: How To Mine Big Data To Add Organizational Value For corporate real estate and facility management professionals, workplace analytics help identify the best use for space for the organization to operate effectively.
Feature - Destratification How To Fight Air Stratification in Conditioned Facilities The key to controlling stratification is to find a way to get the heated air at the upper levels of the space to drop down and mix with the cooler air at lower levels.
- Colocation Data Centers See Surge in DemandDifferentiation is critical in dynamic market.
Online Only - EMIS Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) Aid Efficiency Rapidly evolving software systems provide visibility and analysis into how a building consumes energy. FMs can gain deeper and faster insight into energy efficiency opportunities.
Feature - Snow Removal Hold the Salt? Sustainable Snow Removal Strategies Heat UpAlternative approaches make it possible to minimize damage to facilities, bodies of water, and plant life while ensuring safety.
Feature - High-Tech Workplaces New Technology Accommodates Changing Workplace Needs New, exciting technology in three areas — real estate transactions, property ownership, and tenant/workplace occupancy — is creating a paradigm shift in workplace design and operations.
Feature - Security How To Evaluate Facility Security Vulnerabilities Any criminal or malevolent activity requires desire, ability, and opportunity.
Feature - Windows 6 Next-Level Windows Technologies From reducing bird strikes to better thermal performance, here are the next big things in windows.
Feature - Green Building Report Facility Managers Play Crucial Role in Healthcare Commissioning The FM must be involved in each phase of design, construction, and commissioning, from developing owner's project requirements to creation of a systems manual.