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Dan Weltin

Dan Weltin
Editor-in-Chief, Facility Market

Greg Zimmerman

Greg Zimmerman

Naomi Millan

Naomi Millán
Editor, Building Operating Management

Dan Hounsell

Dan Hounsell
Editor, Facility Maintenance Decisions

Recent Articles

Feature - Editorial Don’t Go With the FlowAs spring approaches, many areas will be dealing with big spring rains, in addition to big spring snow melt. Here are some tips on how to make sure your facilities are ready.
Feature - Roofing How to Add Value on Your Next Roofing ProjectAdvancements in roofing technology provide opportunities for gains in energy efficiency.
Feature - WELL Health-Safety How WELL Promotes Workplace Safety, Health, and ConfidenceAs the coronavirus pandemic rages onward, the WELL rating system offers some key guidance for facility managers hoping to better monitor air quality and occupant health and wellness.
Feature - Lighting Are More Stringent Lighting Codes Adversely Affecting Building Security?More energy efficient lighting codes and pervasive use of LEDs can inadvertently create premise liability issues. Here’s what you need to know keep your facilities secure.
Feature - Construction Pricing How Has COVID-19 Affected Construction Pricing?Construction has adapted to survive the shifting business environment, but how will construction pricing look going forward amidst so much uncertainty?
Feature - USGBC Perspective Top 10 LEED States Show Continued Commitment to Healthy, Green BuildingsLast year was fraught with challenges, but green building commitments continued and are reflected in this year’s Top 10 States for LEED released by the U.S. Green Building Council.
Feature - Cover Story: Jim Allen Profile The Collaborator: How the Facility Manager Network Builds ConnectionsJim Allen at Los Angeles County’s Internal Services Department builds connections in a huge organization.
Feature - Green Building Report Creating Healthy Workplaces Means Promoting HappinessFacility managers should move beyond occupant satisfaction to focus on the degree to which people actually enjoy being at their workplace.
Feature - Editorial The Power of PerseveranceAfter the violent insurrection at the Capitol, a Herculean effort by the Capitol facility staff got the building back in working order for the Congress to complete its work.
Feature - Recommissioning Pandemic Highlights Need to Revisit Operational BasicsRetrocommissioning, operational audits, and energy assessments are more important now than ever for ensuing a high-performance building.