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Dan Weltin
Editor-in-Chief, Facility Market

Greg Zimmerman

Greg Zimmerman

Naomi Millan

Naomi Millán
Editor, Building Operating Management

Dan Hounsell

Dan Hounsell
Editor, Facility Maintenance Decisions

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Feature - HVAC Adsorbent Air Cleaning: A New Way To Think About Ventilation Adsorbent air cleaning technology controls two of the most common contaminants in buildings: carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds.
Feature - Design and Construction 7 Benefits of Integrated Project Delivery The need for speed, cost, and better quality control on new building projects are increasingly making integrated project delivery (IPD) a better option than traditional design and construction.
Feature - Cover Story: Clarence Carson profile Windy City Revival: How One FM Turned Around Chicago Public School Facilities Clarence Carson reorganized facility management at Chicago Public Schools. The results have been a more efficient operation and happier occupants.
Feature - Visualizer: Building Enclosures When Hurricanes Strike Will Your Building Be Prepared?When it comes to building enclosure elements, resilient design is absolutely critical.
Feature - Energy Efficiency Sustainability Must Start with Energy ManagementMoving to net-zero energy facilities is a crucial step to solving the current climate crisis.
Feature - Commercial Leasing Why Commercial Building Owners Should Consider Indexed EscalationUnless commercial building owners move from fixed to variable indexing for rent increases, cash flow will be negatively affected by inflation.
Feature - Asset Management How to Go From Crisis Management to Asset Management Proactively manage the facility and maximize the return of your assets.
Feature - HVAC Back in Business: Minimizing Spread of Disease Remains PriorityAs buildings reopen, safe-running boilers and water heaters are essential to keeping occupants healthy.
Feature - Data Centers 8 Ways Data Centers Can Improve Energy EfficiencyA detailed analysis of all energy saving opportunities should be made to ensure that the data center total cost of operation is minimized.
Feature - Sustainable Workplaces Sustainable and Resilient: The Future of BuildingsAs climate change and extreme weather accelerate, it’s critical for facility managers to employ strategies that check multiple boxes.