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Greg Zimmerman

Greg Zimmerman
Executive Editor

Naomi Millan

Naomi Millán
Senior Editor

Feature - Net-Zero Energy How Hospitals Can Achieve Net-Zero EnergyHistorically high energy users, hospitals do have a pathway to net-zero energy. These tips and real-world case studies illustrate how.
Feature - HVAC How to Plan HVAC Systems for Long-Term PerformanceFacility managers must have a seat at the table during HVAC design to ensure facility HVAC decisions including operations and maintenance considerations.
Feature - Fire Suppression The Hidden Threat of Corrosion in Water-Based Fire Sprinkler SystemsPast iterations of code have implications for corrosion, which develops in different ways in different systems.
Feature - COVID Reopening Pandemic Recovery Planning: A 10-Step ProcessUse this checklist derived from school facilities to help prepare to reopen as well.
Feature - Healthcare Facilities Modular Construction: Despite Benefits, Healthcare Adoption Is SlowMany building owners don’t understand how modular construction can save time and money.
Feature - Acoustics How to Improve Acoustics in an Open OfficeSoftware and sound masking for controlling the acoustical environment have improved tremendously in recent years.
Feature - Power Reliability 8 Steps to Reliability During the PandemicFrom remote monitoring and managing more remote workers, data center managers have new challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.
Feature - ADA Lawsuits How to Stay Off the Radar for ADA LawsuitsHere’s where to start a phased approach to full compliance.
Feature - Elevators Careful Screening Required to Find Reliable Elevator Service ProviderNew technology with advanced monitoring and analytics can assist by tracking elevator health.
Feature - Cover Story: FM on the Frontline Racing the Surge: Healthcare Organization Ramped Up Pandemic Preparedness The University of Maryland Medical Center scrambled to find ventilators, create surge capacity as the pandemic ramped up. Here's how they were were successful.