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Greg Zimmerman

Greg Zimmerman
Executive Editor

Naomi Millan

Naomi Millán
Senior Editor

Online Only - Discretionary Effort Focus on Discretionary Effort Can Boost TeamworkThe discretionary effort leadership model provides leadership techniques to keep employees involved and bringing their A-game to work on a regular basis.
Online Only - Broadband Broadband Infrastructure for Commercial Buildings: Technology OptionsCommercial property owners should consider three technology options — fiber optics, cellular (5G), and wireless (microwave, Wi-Fi) — to support their growing technology and Internet of Things needs.
Feature - Utilities Demand Response 101: How To Get Paid To Cut Power UseWhy would a utility pay you to use less of the only thing they sell? Here's why.
Feature - Roofing Roofing Myths Busted: Design Separating fact from fiction is important to prevent future headaches and erroneous, and potentially costly, decisions.
Online Only - Cool Roofs Why Cool Roofing Is Important To Energy Efficiency Goals Using roofs that are highly reflective mean less energy is required to cool a building.
Online Only - Energy Modeling Do Energy Models Accurately Predict Energy Performance?Energy modeling is only as good as the assumptions and inputs, and its goal should be to evaluate trade-offs in design decisions.
Online Only - Thermal Massing How the Building Exterior Affects HVAC Energy EfficiencyRoofs, walls, windows: All need to be designed to reduce demand on HVAC.
Feature - Mass Notification Emergency Communication: Getting the Right Message to the Right People Mass notification is only one part of emergency communications. But it must be integrated with other technologies to form a holistic emergency communications system.
Online Only - Office Planning How to Right-Size Your Office SpaceSpaces that are the right size can increase productivity, boost employee satisfaction, and attract and retain talent.
Feature - HVAC The Who, What, and Why of Replacing Aging Cooling Systems A cooling system upgrade must be well-thought-out and executed properly to carry a building for the next 25 years.