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Current Issue: May 2008 - Past Issues

Web SolutionsAssociations
Tracking and Measuring Sustainability

Web SolutionsAssociations
HVAC: Technology Advances Equal Efficiency

Interior Maintenance
Web SolutionsAssociations
Improving the Indoor Environment

Exterior Maintenance
Web SolutionsAssociations
Exterior Maintenance: Protecting Operations and Assets

Power Management
Web SolutionsAssociations
Technology Powers Bottom-Line Benefits

Web SolutionsAssociations
Lighting: An Energy-Efficient Future

Plumbing & Restrooms
Web SolutionsAssociations
Plumbing Systems: Focus on Restrooms

Web SolutionsAssociations
Safety First: New Standards Raise the Bar

Software & Communications
Web SolutionsAssociations
Wireless Technology: Enhanced Communications and Performance

Material Handling
Web SolutionsAssociations
Material Handling: Streamlining Product Flow

Power & Hand Tools
Web SolutionsAssociations
Rechargeable Batteries: Focus on Recycling

Grounds Care
Web SolutionsAssociations
Green: The Driving Issue on Grounds

Web SolutionsAssociations
Green Cleaning Comes of Age

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Web Solutions

(Links listed in this issue)

Exterior Maintenance
    ASTM roofing-related material standards
    Building Toolbox: Building Envelope
    Energy Star Reflective Roof Products
    OSHA – Standard 1926.502
    Title 24
    Windows and Glazing

Green Landscaping
  Water Conservation
    Water Conservation Plan Guidelines

Green Restrooms
  Focus: Health Care
    Green Guide for Health Care

Grounds Care
    ASTM F2269-03
    Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines
    EPA – Pesticide Program Web site
    Glossary of Irrigation Terms
    LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance
    Managing and Identifying Pests
    OSHA – Landscape and Horticultural Services Page
    Tips for Landscaping and Water Conservation

    10-Step Guide to Green Cleaning
    ASTM E1971-05
    NFPA 96 2004
    School Cleaning and Maintenance Practices

    Building code plan checks
    Commissioning Process Templates
    Cool Sense integrated chiller retrofits
    Guide to energy Web sites
    Standards and policy revisions and requirements
    Standards Interpretations

Interior Maintenance
    Access Currents
    Fire Protection Systems
    International Firestop Council downloads
    Rapid Visual Screening for Building Security
    Revised fire-safety equipment maintenance standard

    DOE - Building Energy Codes Program
    High-benefit lighting program
    High-Performance Commercial Lighting
    Lighting Controls Association – Education
    Lighting Ordinances
    Lighting research group
    NEMA - Commercial lighting tax deduction
    NEMA – List of lamp recyclers
  Daylighting Potential
    Daylight Dividends

Material Handling
    Audit Your Material Handling
    Directory of mercury-containing lamp recyclers
    Hazardous Waste Self-Inspection Checklist
    Hazardous Waste State Resources Locator
    OSHA – Standard 1910.26
    OSHA – Standard 1910.28
    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Training Modules

Plumbing & Restrooms
    Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces
    Ask a question about plumbing codes
    Find a Water Treater
    Locate water-efficient faucets

Power & Hand Tools
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Standard B107.13-2003
    Easy Ergonomics: A Guide to Selecting Non-Powered Hand Tools
    Hand Tool Institute’s Guide to Hand Tools
    OSHA – Hand and Power Tools Page
    Power Tool Institute’s Safety is Specific
    Professional Power Tool Guide
    Underwriters Laboratories - UL Standard 45

Power Management
    Energy Management Guide for Selection and Use of Single Phase Motors standard
    MotorSlide Calculator
    Newsletters and Publications: Electrical
    OSHA – The Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution standard
    OSHA’s Controlling Electrical Hazards/Arc-Flash
    Performance, Reliability and Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems
    Underwriters Laboratories – Standard 1066

    Biological & Chemical Safety plan
    Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals
    EPA’s Hazardous Waste Management page
    Hazmat 101 e-mail discussion list
    Pesticides: Compliance and Enforcement
    Resources on personal-protection equipment
    School Safety and Security – PK-12 Facilities Issues
    Section 5(a)(1) of the OSH Act
    Workplace Emergency Preparedness

Software & Communications
    Glossary of Telecommunications Terms
    IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee
    IEEE 802.15 WPAN task group
    National Telecommunications and Information Administration
    NIST — Wireless Communications Technology Group
    NIST Building Sensor Evaluation Lab
    Wimax Forum
    Wireless Sensor Research
    Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

    10-Step Guide to Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
    Alliance for Water Efficiency
    ASHRAE Engineering for Sustainability
    Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability program
    California Urban Water Conservation Council
    City of Greeley, Colo. – Water Conservation
    Cool Metal Roofing Initiative
    Cool Roofing Materials Database
    Department of Energy’s High-Performance Buildings Web site
    Energy Star for Healthcare
    EPA Environmentally Friendly Purchasing
    EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program
    EPA Plug Into eCycling
    EPA's Healthy School Environments
    EPA’s Sustainability Research Strategy publication
    Green Healthcare Construction Guidance Statement
    Greening America’s Schools
    Greening Schools
    Healthy Schools Network
    Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium
    IPM Institute of North America
    Los Angeles Unified School District — Chemical Product Review
    Michigan State University Green Roof Research Program
    National Center for Electronics Recycling
    National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
    Smart Water Application Technologies
    The Bright Schools Program
    The Envirosense Consortium
    The Federal Network for Sustainability
    The Green Schools Initiative
    Tools for Schools: IAQ Walkthrough
    Waste Reduction Guide
    A Green Greensburg Sparks Hope
    Building High-Performance Facilities Requires Input from Operations and Maintenance Staff
    Green Paying for Green
    Handling Hazardous Materials: The Other Side of Green
    Nationals Park: A Green Monument
    Rooftop Solar Technology: How Bright is the Future?
    Ellen Newell, Assistant Director of Grounds Services with Arizona State University (ASU)
    Kevin Folsom, Director of Facilities and Plant Operations with Dallas Theological Seminary
    Marty Laporte, Associate Director of Utilities for Water Resources Stanford University’s Utilities Division
    Green Restrooms: Sustainable Solutions for Cost and Energy Savings