Current Issue: July 2015
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Resilience: Introducing a 3-Article Special Section

A New Urgency about Resilience
Part 1: Why Building Resilience Matters More Than Ever
Part 2: Understanding Building Resilience in Area-Wide Context, Planning for the Unexpected
Part 3: Supporting Business Continuity Through Building Resilience

Resilience and Sustainability
Part 1: 3 Ways Sustainability Complements Building Resilience
Part 2: High-Performance Issues Link Building Resilience and Sustainability

Improving Resilience
Part 1: Using Planning, Checklists, Other Tools to Improve Resilience in Existing Buildings
Part 2: Other Building Resilience Issues Include Backup Power, Roofs, Preventive Maintenance

Ask An Expert: Kimberly Marks, Interiors
Part 1: Impact on CRE Interiors Due To 2015 IBC
Part 2: Most Significant Change of IBC Pertaining to Commercial Interiors
Part 3: Other Significant Changes To IBC Pertaining To Commercial Interiors
Part 4: Most-Often Misunderstood or MIsapplied IBC Requirement for Commercial Interiors

Part 1: Test Your Knowledge of Roof Design, Repair, Maintenance
Part 2: More Misconceptions about Roofing Repairs, Inspections, Warranties
Part 3: Check Your Knowledge of Roof Blisters, Insulation, Low-Slope Design

Lighting Controls
Part 1: How to Recommission and Revitalize Lighting Control Systems
Part 2: Knowing the Types of Lighting Control Systems and How Often Recommissioning Is Needed
Part 3: At Peace Institute in Washington, D.C. , Complex Lighting Controls Get an Ongoing Commissioning

Energy Efficiency
Part 1: Understanding How Data Should Drive Energy Upgrades
Part 2: Obtaining Primary Data to Help Support Energy Projects
Part 3: Measuring, Verifying, and Reporting Energy Project Results

Part 1: Warehouse Cost Segregation Studies Offer Faster Depreciation
Part 2: EPAct Tax Benefits For Warehouses: Section 179(D) Provisions

Building Automation
Part 1: Why the Building Internet of Things Will Enable Smart Buildings
Part 2: Transition From BAS to BIoT Is Underway

Property Management
Part 1: Budgeting Is Key Skill For Real Property Asset Manager
Part 2: To Supervise Property Managers, Crucial Asset Managers Need Communication, Delegation

Educational Facilities
Part 1: Mastering Unique Challenges of College Renovations
Part 2: Managing Scheduling Concerns During College Renovation
Part 3: Smart Budgeting, Good Communication Keep College Renovations Moving Smoothly

Doors and Door Hardware
Part 1: Challenges of Specifying and Installing Doors
Part 2: In Planning Doors, Expect Abuse, Heavy Use, and Possible Code Issues
Part 3: Showcase Products

Innovative Products: HVAC

Product Gallery

Supplier Spotlight

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