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Current Issue: May 2015
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Energy Efficiency
Part 1: 2 Ways Building Energy Performance Deteriorates
Part 2: Role of Staff, Training, Building Data in Loss of Energy Efficiency
Part 3: Maintenance Plan, ‘Walk-Around’ Audits Can Help Restore Energy Efficiency
Part 4: Comparative Data, Coil Cleaning Can Help Restore Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Exteriors
Part 1: Weather-Proofed Windows and Energy Efficiency
Part 2: Target Heat Loss at Walls, Roofs to Boost Building Performance
Part 3: Materials on Roof Surface Can Build Energy Efficiency

Smart Buildings
Part 1: Smart Technology Drives High-Performance Buildings, Provides Granular Detail
Part 2: Smart-Building Tools for High-Performance Buildings
Part 3: Reaping Benefits of Smart-Building Capabilities, Including Digital Credentialing
Part 4: Hesitations over Smart Technology and the Promise of More Benefits

Part 1: High-Performance Lighting Design and California’s Title 24
Part 2: Additional Energy Efficiency Lighting Issues Covered by Title 24
Part 3: California’s Title 24 Addresses Variety of Lighting Efficiency Controls
Part 4: Acceptance Testing, Training for Lighting Controls, Energy Efficiency

Part 1: High-Performance HVAC Design as Seen in Chicago High Rise
Part 2: High-Performance HVAC Design Provides Load Variation, Other Benefits
Part 3: More on High-Performance HVAC Design

Energy Efficiency
Part 1: Net-Zero-Energy Buildings Are Headed Mainstream
Part 2: Climate, Lighting, Renewable Energy Also Figure in Net-Zero Calculations
Part 3: Net-Zero Buildings and Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Part 1: Design, Sustainable Practices Are Natural Fit for High-Performance Workplace
Part 2: Mobile Technology, Natural Lighting as High-Performance Tools
Part 3: Sustainable Construction and High-Performance Workplaces

Part 1: Jay Black Uses Sustainability, High-Performance Efforts to Set SL Green Apart
Part 2: Active Upgrading, Energy Monitoring Also Part of SL Green Sustainability Approach
Part 3: Retrocommissioning, Tenant Relationships Part of SL Green Sustainability Efforts

Water Efficiency
Part 1: Water Efficiency Is New Focus in High Performance
Part 2: To Boost Water Efficiency, Learn Existing System, Consider Alternative Sources
Part 3: Wastewater Reclamation Gains Ground in Water Efficiency Arena
Part 4: Vancouver Facility Boosts Water Efficiency with Onsite Wastewater Treatment, Re-use

Energy and Climate Change
Part 1: FM Survey: Energy Upgrade Paybacks, Metrics, Reporting
Part 2: FM Survey: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policies and Practices
Part 3: Survey: What Facility Managers Think About Climate Change

Healthcare Leases: Medical Waste

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