Recognizing Best-in-Class FM products

The Vision Awards honor innovation and excellence in products that contribute to the efficient and profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States. The awards provide a stage for winning facilities industry suppliers to showcase their products to more than 200,000 facility executives.


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Winners in Exteriors

Progressive Materials

High Solids 3201 Silicone Roof Coating (HS-3201)

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Progressive Materials' High Solid 3201 silicone roof coating (HS-3201) meets the criteria of cost savings, technological advancement, efficiency/productivity and tenant satisfaction.

Cost savings is one of the biggest draws to HS-3201. When quoting roof work, building owners often have to consider a complete roof tear-off to fix their roof. A million-dollar price tag on a roof replacement is not out of the ordinary. With HS-3201, we can nearly cut that cost in half on most roofs.

Technologically, HS-3201 is great because it can be easily adjusted as time and technology changes. Being versatile is very important with any product and HS-3201's ability to complement changing technology makes it a roof solution that's here to stay.

Efficiency and productivity are HS-3201's strongest attributes. This product eliminates almost all roof tear-offs, cuts staff size in half, and cuts project time in half. This, coupled with the cost savings, makes HS-3201 a burgeoning staple of the roof industry.

None of this matters, however, unless the tenants are satisfied at the end of the job. HS-3201 doesn't stop at the job's end though. This product is so resilient that it comes with an available 50-year warranty, leaving tenants satisfied and leak-free for a half century. Add all of this together and you have a roof coating that is strong, energy-efficient, sustainable, and perfect for nearly all roof substrates!

Progressive Materials

Progressive Materials


GENEO uPVC Fiber-composite Windows and Doors

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The GENEO® tilt-turn window and door system by REHAU, composed of the high-tech RAU-FIPRO™ proprietary fiber-composite material, takes REHAU tilt-turn technology to its highest level of strength and thermal performance.

GENEO is the first fully-reinforced polymer window system that doesn't rely on steel for its strength, saving time, money and improving the ease of installation. The RAU-FIPRO polymer core achieves excellent stability and torsional rigidity, making it possible to build 33% larger windows and doors without steel. The GENEO design includes fusion-welded corners for zero leakage as well as multiple locking points and a multi-chambered structure with a patented integrated reinforcement system for the highest degree of strength and security.

Innovative compression-seal technology reduces closing pressure, making window operation easy and extending service life. The system achieves top performance ratings for structural, sound insulation, forced-entry resistance and thermal insulation: NAFS up to CW-PG70, ASTM E90 acoustical rating up to 45 dB, FER Grade 20 rating per NAFS-11 and a simulated U-value down to 0.13. The fiber-infused core reduces expansion and contraction of GENEO profiles by 60% compared to those of standard uPVC, allowing hassle-free color application in all climates. With 40% lighter profiles, transportation and installation costs can also be reduced.

GENEO is a certified Passive House Component for cool, temperate climates, a designation given by the Passive House Institute for products that, as a rule, are two to three times more efficient than the corresponding commonly used products.




Harmony™ Dynamic Glass

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People are spending more of their lives indoors with less connection to nature and daylight. Dynamic glass, a glazing solution that can be installed in windows, skylights and curtain walls, helps maintain that connection by offering sweeping views of the outdoors and ample natural light, which research has linked to improvements in occupant well-being and productivity. In addition to providing access to nature and daylight, dynamic glass enhances occupant comfort by automatically tinting to block up to 99 percent of glare producing light and 91 percent of solar heat. In doing so, dynamic glass also eliminates the need for a shading system and deceases energy usage and peak demand charges, resulting in cost savings for tenants. However, a drawback to dynamic glass is that tinting entire window panes can make a space feel too dark.

SageGlass Harmony solves this problem by doing something no other dynamic glazing product can. It provides a smooth visual aesthetic through a gradual, seamless in-pane tint transition from fully clear to fully tinted, mimicking the types of daylight found in nature. The natural tinting from darker to lighter can be oriented top to bottom or bottom to top, depending on where heat and glare control is needed. The result is a product which blocks heat and glare and provides proper daylight levels all while maintaining an occupant's connection to the outdoors.



Winners in FM Building Services/Tools

Monnit Corporation

ALTA Insure

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Debuting February 2019, the premise of Monnit's ALTA Insure program is simple: lose the loss.

ALTA Insure fuses the CRE-proven ALTA remote monitoring platform and iMonnit software, creating a facility monitoring program. At ALTA Insure's core are enterprise-grade wireless sensors that enable building operators to monitor what matters most via PC or smartphone. If something goes wrong, sensors trigger an alert via text, email, or call; steps can be taken to protect people, places, and things. More than 70 sensor types provide boiler room to boardroom coverage.

Cost savings For $310 (one sensor and one gateway), a facility can be protected. And the ROI is exponential: One pilot installation saved a customer $500,000+ in losses from frozen pipes and water damage. Monnit Wireless Sensors can help lower operating costs too — drop-in current meters identify increasing power consumption that foreshadows machine failure; vibration sensors point to declining machine health.

Technological advancements ALTA Insure's sensors and gateways have an industry-leading wireless range (1,200+ feet, non-line-of-site); each gateway can accommodate 100 sensors. Monnit's Encrypt-RF® technology provides bank-grade security via 256-bit exchange and AES-128 CTR for data messages.

Efficiency/productivity With ALTA Insure, users own their data and can access it anytime, anywhere with iMonnit software via PC or smartphone app. iMonnit Basic for essential monitoring configuration is free; iMonnit Premiere provides advanced management for $39 annually.

Tenant satisfaction As a building's check engine light, ALTA Insure gives owners and operators data-driven insight to lower costs, enhance reliability, and bolster tenant satisfaction and lease renewals.


Pure Air Control Services, Inc.

IAQ Guard Remote Monitoring

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IAQ Guard is a battalion of monitors that are strategically placed inside a building to log readings for specific Indoor Air Quality parameters and report back to Pure Air Control Services' Building Sciences team. If certain parameters show any consistent signs of trouble Building Sciences is notified and will respond to you and the situation accordingly depending on the state of the condition. It's like having a centurion standing watch over your building and occupant health.

IAQ Guard monitors a variety of environmental conditions in an all in one outlet-powered module. This turn-key service solution provides full operational accuracy of all real-time IAQ data to address any IAQ concerns. IAQ Guard provides data for the following:

  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Total volatile organic compounds (TVOC)
  • Particulate matter (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, and total number of counted particle sizes)
  • CO2 and other gases

Benefits of the IAQ-Guard Remote Monitoring System:

  • Continuously receive real-time IAQ data to ensure compliance and fix any deviations
  • Ensure IAQ is meeting ASHRAE, LEED, OSHA and/or International Well Building Institute Standards by creating required reports and seamless record keeping
  • Establish IAQ standards within your building to create a healthy environment for building occupants
  • Monitor changes in IAQ and correlate them to building performance
  • Reduce project liability exposure for damage to sensitive critical infrastructure

Pure Air Control

Pure Air Control

QA Graphics

BAS Vector Symbol Library

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Technology has led the industry to expect better and more creative visual representation, even when on the move with your mobile device. Graphic libraries are an area that many owners consider a key criteria when evaluating building automation systems. In today's day and age, you should expect to be able to access your building automation system via any size device. Meaning your graphics need to be optimized for mobile support and responsive to any device type without pixelization.

The graphics available with the Vector Symbol Library addresses the need for responsive design within the industry moving to both large and mobile platforms. Allowing users to differentiate themselves with hundreds of SVGS and animation files that are more appealing, realistic, detailed, and higher resolution images that are easily scalable for a mobile device without pixelization of the graphics. This is typically not available with generic BAS software at this high quality. You can own the library for a onetime fee to use on all projects at your location:

As a building operator or facility manager, you know the details of each HVAC, lighting, security, or water management system in your building. As these building systems become more sophisticated, building operators require higher quality building automation graphics that move with them. The detailed, custom vector graphics in the Vector Symbol Library make it possible to monitor complicated systems with ease on the go with your mobile device.

QA Graphics

Winners in Grounds

Hog Technologies

Surface Hog

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Hog Technologies is leading the industry in marking and rubber removal.

Efficiency & Productivity Our Surface Hogs trucks have a certification program that licenses its operators to ensure the least amount of negative impact to the surface. With a flow rate of up to 7.9 gpm, a water tank of 610 gallons, and a water reclamation system, a Surface Hog can stay on a job for hours without needing to refill.

Technological Advancements Hog Technologies is constantly finding ways to create solutions for our industry and our Surface Hog is no different. We were the first company to integrate a surface cleaner onto a chassis so that it can be driven from job site to job site. In addition, the Surface Hog has an optional 40,000 psi pump which can allow it to perform paint removal services in addition to surface cleaning.

Costs Studies show that the combined costs of chemicals, equipment required, number of employees required to operate the equipment, and the man hours required to complete the process, all add up to costs that far exceed the cost of using potable water for cleaning. Roads and runways cleaned with chemicals must be cleaned more frequently then surfaces cleaned by properly engineered equipment.

Satisfaction Hog Technologies has sold Surface Hogs across the country to both road cleaning services and airports! For example, The city of Denver, Colorado owns two of our Surface Hogs and one of our customers in California, Dr. Detail, owns four of our Surface Hog machines!

Hog Technologies

JLG Industries

X1000AJ Compact Crawler Boom

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The JLG X1000AJ Compact Crawler Boom allows operators to reach greater heights with increased machine flexibility to navigate more spaces safely. Market-leading work envelope with below-grade capabilities let operators complete work above and below ground level.

The X1000AJ offers 56 feet up-and-over and 54 feet of horizontal outreach. Its compact footprint lets it fit through a double doorway for easy movement between indoors and outdoors. Retractable non-marking tracks and a platform disconnect system make it easy to maneuver through tight spaces.

The X1000AJ offers 500-pound unrestricted platform capacity, allowing operators to bring more materials to the work area.

Other features include:

  • New articulated column design, giving operators the ability to work flush with the surface of a structure
  • One-touch self-leveling outriggers to stabilize and level the machine on slopes up to 16 degrees
  • Stability is further enhanced by large, Teflon®-coated outrigger pads, while standard forklift pockets and lift hooks allow for easy loading and unloading

A 76-Volt lithium-ion system is available to provide clean, quiet operation and performance. A Kubota diesel power source is standard. The X1000AJ comes with fully synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluid for use in environmentally-sensitive areas.

The machine is ideal for tough, hard-to-reach indoor and outdoor applications, such as atriums, gymnasiums, arenas, auditoriums, airports, schools and universities, as well as city, state, federal and military facilities. The X1000AJ's versatility and ease of mobility is ideal for jobs performed in hotels and convention centers by window washers, painters, maintenance professionals, electricians and tree trimmers.

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New Pig

PIG Storm Drain Filter

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For years there was very little innovation around affordable products that filter common stormwater pollutants, but we made it our mission to change that. In December 2018, New Pig introduced the Storm Drain Filter – a leap forward in affordable stormwater management. The Storm Drain Filter was designed hand in hand with customers and product experts to create the perfect blend of performance and affordability.

Dirty stormwater runoff is the leading source of pollution to our nation's waterways and threatens our drinking water supply, aquatic ecosystems, and outdoor recreation. Due to this, pressure from both government and the general public has made stormwater discharge compliance a top priority for many industries.

New Pig's filter is designed to do something no other drain insert does – treat every drop of water. Using a unique 4-stage filtration process and patent-pending filter ring, the filter ensures every ounce of water that enters is clarified, removing both oils and sediment.

Another massive benefit of the PIG™ Storm Drain Filter is the overall cost savings and ease of installation/maintenance. Voice of the Customer investigations found that it took two to three people to install most drain inserts. Using an adjustable stainless-steel frame, we got that down to one person and ensured the product doesn't fall into the drain, another problem with most drain inserts. The cost savings and efficiency of turning a multi-person job into one has been incredibly beneficial to customers as well. And that is backed up by reviews, follow-up interviews, and sales growth.

New Pig

Winners in HVAC


GTS Humidifier LX Series

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DriSteem's new GTS® humidifier LX Series offers a next generation technological breakthrough in energy savings, installation flexibility, and environmental protection. The GTS LX Series is the only gas-fired humidifier that combines high efficiency and ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in a single unit.

The condensing design of the GTS LX Series humidifier saves money on energy costs with greater than 90% efficiency. This condensing technology ensures that the flue temperature stays under 140 °F, saving on installation costs by allowing for the use of PVC, CPVC, or polypropylene flue piping – which is less expensive and easier to work with than stainless steel, and can be vented through sidewalls.

In addition to offering the highest efficiency in the market, the LX Series also boasts ultra-low NOx emissions of under 20 ppm for a cleaner environment and to meet increasingly stringent air quality management standards for gas-fired humidifiers.

The LX Series includes a universal water control that manages tank filling and draining with all water types from tap to deionized, so there is no need to change configurations based on water type when ordering equipment or retrofitting to fit new water sources in the field. The LX Series maintains accurate humidity control through a wide range of load conditions, with a minimum 5:1 turndown ratio providing consistent output from low to maximum demand.

DriSteem's GTS LX Series gas-fired humidifier has been designed and built to support operational cost efficiency and manageable maintenance requirements for industrial and commercial buildings. Learn more at


Navien, Inc.

NFB Condensing Fire Tube Boiler

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At 95% AFUE, NFB boilers have been awarded the ENERGY STAR 2019 Most Efficient rating. Such high boiler efficiency results in low operating costs, saving owners money. The patented in-house designed and manufactured heat exchanger takes the fire tube technology to a completely new and higher level benefitting design engineers, contractors, and owners by offering exceptional efficiency and years of reliable performance. The NFB's sleek design offers significant space savings, and its light weight makes installations an easy task.

The sophisticated gas flow control system provides 10 to 1 turn down ratio resulting in energy savings while minimizing unnecessary boiler cycling. Every boiler comes with the field conversion kit from natural to propane gas, adding to flexibility of applications. Built-in hardware allows connection to a boiler pump, 3 zone pumps, or 3 zone valves.

The advanced user interface and controls have intuitive display that saves installers time by providing quick, easy boiler set up, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. Remote access via NaviLinkTM provides control of the water heaters, ability to view operation status and historical performance data, and receive diagnostic notifications. The extremely low NOx levels, certified by SCAQMD to meet the most stringent code requirements, offer an environmentally friendly solution.

Multiple venting options and materials along with exceptionally long vent lines, up to 150 ft., simplifies the jobs for engineers and installations. NFB boilers can also be common vented up to 8 units and cascaded up to 16 units which makes them a perfect solution for any heating application.


SolX Energy International

ThermX Solar Thermal HVACR

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Solar thermal technology isn't new under the sun. For centuries, it's been utilized for heating water. But the integration of solar thermal onto HVAC and refrigeration equipment is new – and it offers significant energy savings…

SolX Energy is the inventor and patent holder of ThermX, the world's leading energy efficiency solution for HVAC and refrigeration systems; capable of reducing overall cooling costs by 30-50%. ThermX integrates into new and existing HVAC/R systems and works by harnessing free thermal energy from the sun to massively reduce compressor system workload. Backed by independent testing data, ThermX has achieved energy reduction efficiencies of over 74% and is achieving ROI's under two years in many cases.

SolX Energy based out of South Florida has Installations in over 48 countries, boasting such clients as Autozone, DHL, Johnson Matthey, Toyota and many more, ThermX is capable of integration with most modern day systems including RTUs, air cooled chillers, VRF, VRV, staged systems, rack refrigeration systems and more, reducing energy consumption by an average of at least 30%. Due it its "Solar" nature, ThermX qualifies for the ITC tax credit of 30%, as well as potential utility rebates, and additional tax and savings vehicles making ThermX one of the most impactful investments a facility can make. Compared to solar PV ROI'S of 8-14 years, solar thermal cooling typical sees ROIS of 2-5 years.

A few more benefits of ThermX:

  • Free clean energy from the sun
  • Can be integrated with new or existing equipment
  • Forward compatibility – May not require much alteration to the ThermX array when replacing equipment.
  • Scalability
  • No moving parts
  • Small Footprint – 1 ThermX Panel = 15-20 PV Panels
  • Peak demand reduction
  • Lower maintenance due to lower running stress

See what our clients have to say: Toyota Case Study – 77% Reduction of cooling costs

Fort Myers Beach Library Chiller Case Study

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Winners in Interiors

Construction Specialties

Acrovyn by Design® Tapestry

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Evidence-based design has proven that nature, when incorporated in interior spaces, has healing results. Designing products that evoke positive feelings in building occupants has been an ongoing pursuit of Construction Specialties. CS Acrovyn® wall protection has evolved over time to offer durable design options ranging from solid colors, to simulated woodgrains, and digital prints. CS is excited to introduce the Tapestry collection, a new Acrovyn by Design® milestone influenced by industry trends, that incorporates authentic materials in the form of fused artisan textiles.

With the fusion of natural linens, Tapestry's tactile materials and textures offer a new aesthetic with artisan charm and universal appeal, helping designers create interiors that provide building inhabitants with positive, memorable experiences – from working, to learning, to healing. Tapestry allows designers, architects and end-users to transcend their spaces from "simulated" beauty, into true pieces of natural beauty, without sacrificing performance. Tapestry is a premium design solution that evokes feelings of tranquility, harmony, balance, and healing found in nature, which enrich people's experiences in the built environment, creating the perfect live-work-play spaces.

Construction Specialties

Construction Specialties

JLG Industries

EcoLift 50

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The JLG EcoLift 50 offers a unique, cost-effective, and more productive alternative to traditional low-level access. The lift features a power-free design, thanks to a patented stored power lift/lower system. This boosts productivity and lowers total cost of ownership, as there is no battery to charge. The lift/lower mechanism is easy to use and allows operators to tackle low-level tasks, like changing light bulbs, hanging décor or accessing HVAC ductwork.

Made of construction-grade materials, the EcoLift 50 offers unlimited lift cycles, helping increase productivity. No setup time is required, and a sturdy base and automatic locking wheels let operators work with both hands. The machine is robust and durable, helping minimize repair costs.

The lift operates with no oil, batteries, or hydraulics, making it a clean, eco-friendly, and non-disruptive solution for use in sensitive environments/applications. The EcoLift 50 is ideally suited for mechanical, electrical and HVAC contractors, drywallers, carpenters, and painters. Operation is virtually silent, making it ideally suited for noise-sensitive environments, such as facility maintenance, cleaning, painting, and decorating in offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other institutional buildings. The lightweight design makes it easy to push around jobsites and facilities. It is rated for 330 pounds of platform capacity, leaving room for materials and tools to boost productivity.

The EcoLift 50 features platform height of 4 feet 11 inches and working height of 10 feet 11 inches. Measuring just under 28 inches in width, it easily rolls through standard doorways and maneuvers around a facility.

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Karndean Designflooring

LooseLay Longboard

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Featuring 59-inch planks, LooseLay Longboard is a non-interlocking floating floor range, notable for its multi-directional planks, speedy install time, acoustic properties, individually replaceable planks and seamless transition to commercial carpet tile.

LooseLay Longboard features the innovative K-Wave® friction grip backing which creates a strong bond to the subfloor using a combination of weight and friction, requiring minimal adhesive in many applications.

Ideal for overnight retrofits and projects with tight turnaround times, Karndean LooseLay products can be laid over most existing hard floors with minimal preparation, as well as over subfloors with an RH of up to 95% - saving on time, labor and subfloor preparation costs.

As the company's most ergonomic flooring product, LooseLay Longboard is constructed to perform in a variety of environments, including hotels, retail environments and hospitals; in addition to temporary and planned removal spaces. At 4.5mm thick, this product allows for a seamless transition to carpet tile.

LooseLay Longboard has a 20mil wear layer, suitable for a variety of commercial applications, and is backed by a 15-year commercial warranty.

In addition to acoustic and ergonomic properties, residents will enjoy LooseLay Longboard because it is waterproof, pet and child friendly, and low maintenance. To clean, all that is needed is a pH neutral cleaner approved for use with vinyl flooring.

Learn more about LooseLay Longboard here:

LooseLay Longboard

LooseLay Longboard

Winners in Life Safety & Security

Monnit Corporation

ALTA Wireless Gas Quality Sensors

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In February 2019, Monnit launched three ALTA Wireless Gas Sensors, enabling FMs to safeguard people. Available together or separately, each monitors a specific air-borne threat: carbon monoxide [CO], carbon dioxide [CO2], or hydrogen sulfide [H2S]. If parameters exceed user-defined thresholds, an FM (or on-site manager) is alerted via text, email, or call.

Monnit Wireless Sensors are a facility's check engine light, alerting management if action is required.

Cost savings Sensors range between $275–351, undercutting traditional sensors by 15-20%. For $500 (one sensor and one gateway) and 15 minutes of installation, FMs can track indoor air quality.

Efficiency/productivity The gas sensors empower FMs with straightforward remote monitoring-whether they're cross-town or on a cross-country vacation. Via Monnit gateways, sensors transmit data to iMonnit software. Users log-in via PC or smartphone app to view and configure sensors. iMonnit Basic for essential configuration is free; iMonnit Premiere provides advanced management for $39 annually.

Technological Advancements Utilizing Monnit's industry-proven ALTA platform, each sensor has an exceptional wireless range (1,200+ feet through 12–14 walls) and a battery life of 12+ years. Bank-grade security is provided via Monnit's Encrypt-RF® technology (256-bit exchange and AES-128 CTR for data messages).

Tenant satisfaction Monnit Gas Sensors help prevent headlines and illness from damaging reputation. Tenants gravitate toward low-involvement leasing-Kingsley Associates found that 80% of satisfied tenants are highly likely to renew leases; 100% won't re-up when service is poor. Cost-effective and reliable, Monnit Gas Sensors are ideal for any FM's tenant protection and retainment programs.



ADC105 Addressable Damper Controller

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The Ruskin ADC105 addressable damper controller works directly with Simplex ES fire alarm panels. When the ADC105 is connected to a Simplex fire alarm system, it allows continuous monitoring and alarm capability if something should go wrong. The ADC105 meets NFPA 80 and 105 life safety remote damper testing requirements and allows for the periodic testing that is required in NFPA 80 and NFPA 105.

Since the Simplex ES fire alarm system is already part of a building's automation, adding the ADC105 to any smoke or combination fire smoke damper makes this a low-cost addressable controller, saving testing and maintenance costs.

The ADC105 works with Simplex ES fire alarm panels required by building codes. Adding this simple addressable damper controller to a new facility or retrofitted building will reduce maintenance costs to test and maintain life safety dampers.

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Tripp Lite

DVR Lockbox

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The SRDVRLB lockbox protects DVR security equipment from unauthorized access, tampering and theft, while offering convenient installation options. This 5U PCI-compliant enclosure finds the optimal balance between sturdy steel security and open ventilation. It's ideal for retail back offices, network closets, warehouses and other applications where the integrity of a DVR's security recordings must be safeguarded.

The SRDVRLB easily mounts to walls, floors and table tops, where it locks securely and supports up to 60 lb. (housing and equipment total). Adjustable mounting rails support square-hole mounting and accommodate equipment from 1 to 16 in. deep.

The SRDVRLB meets the physical equipment and media security requirements for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance for use in merchant settings where credit card information is exchanged. Its heavy-duty steel construction with black powder-coat finish and key-locking door deter theft and tampering. The edges of the door wrap around the enclosure's top and sides for added protection.

The IP20-rated SRDVRLB enclosure protects equipment against heat and airborne contaminants as well. Its vented side panel and pre-installed fan with washable air filter help keep DVRs cool while reducing the harmful build-up of dust.

The SRDVRLB ships fully assembled. It has both rear and bottom cable ports with removable covers, and has a removable top panel for a simple setup.

Winners in Lighting

Espen Technology

Commercial downlight with field-adjustable output

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Cost Savings - These switchable output and CCT commercial downlights reduce the inventory carrying requirements for distributors and electrical contractors. A single model, each, for 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, and 9.5-inch diameter, replaces nine models of varying output and CCTs. As an example, the 8" diameter downlight can be selected for any combination of 1100, 1650, or 2200 lumens with 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K CCT. That combines nine conventional models into one switchable model. LED technology also provides dramatic tenant savings on energy and reduced maintenance.

Technological Advancements – The switchable lumen output and CCT is a technological advance with enormous inventory reduction advantages. 90+CRI, 0-10V dimming, and universal voltage also put the performance at the cutting edge of the industry.

Efficiency / Productivity – The very high efficiency of Espen's LED technology is dramatically higher than legacy light sources. For example, the 9.5" downlight at the 3520 lumen setting has an impressive luminaire efficiency of 93 lumens per watt, and that's at 90+ CRI.

Tenant Satisfaction – If light output or CCT needs to be changed after the product is installed, it is as simple as resetting the switches on the back of the unit. Conventional hardwired LED fixtures would have to be removed and replaced, at significant product and labor costs.

Additional product details can be found at these two web links:



Flex Lighting Solutions

Essentials Series 4.0

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Essentials Series 4.0 provides the highest quality, reliability and performance with extraordinary lumen maintenance and efficacy, delivering superior ROI for your application. It was designed with best-in-class thermal management to perform at ambient temperatures up to 65°C. This product also comes with rotatable LED modules. Easily adjusted outer modules stop at 45°, 90° and 135°, with factory set at 0°. These rotatable outer modules allow you to customize light patterns to suit individual situations.

Essentials Series 4.0 fixtures come with a 5-year lumen maintenance warranty and Flex Lighting Solutions now offers an optional 10-year parts and labor warranty for these fixtures.

At the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, 1,600 Essentials Series 4.0 fixtures were installed, which resulted in 300 percent increase in light levels and an 85% reduction in energy consumption.

At The Woodbridge Group manufacturing facility in Lansing, Michigan, 621 Essentials Series 4.0 fixtures were installed, which resulted in 73% energy savings. In addition, these fixtures were able to meet the company's requirement of a 2-year payback. The brighter output and higher light quality of the Essentials Series 4.0 LED high bays allowed The Woodbridge Group to significantly increase the foot-candle readings in those task lighting areas which improves visibility and reduces errors.

Flex Lighting

Flex Lighting

Hubbell Lighting


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SpectraClean is a portfolio of troffers, vaportight and striplight luminaires that leverage developments in the disciplines of lighting science and microbiology to combine white and narrowband 405 nanometer ("nm") visible light to meet ambient and task lighting requirements while providing a continuous, unobtrusive disinfection option for commercial applications. The product family offers the most complete disinfection solution to address common lighting applications in vertical markets such as education, commercial office, industrial food manufacturing and commercial kitchens.

SpectraClean has been designed to provide continuous environmental disinfection and complement cleaning and disinfection strategies. One of the biggest advantages of SpectraClean technology is what it doesn't do - harm humans, materials, plants and any other items that are susceptible to harmful UV rays. Being chemical free, no harsh residues or films are introduced to the application and the technology has been proven to not accelerate spoilage or the integrity of the food.

SpectraClean features the industry's only line of commercial luminaires available with HINS technology offered with integrated wireless control support for four modes of operation and multiple standard lumen packages. One luminaire, capable of operating in one of four modes of operation. Four disinfection modes complemented with scheduled and sensor control allow for application specific deployment. SpectraClean features multiple lumen packages for illumination. Competitors don't offer lumen options.

SpectraClean Vaportite is the first and only disinfection luminaire for food safety in manufacturing areas and cold storage.

SpectraClean Strip Lights is the first and only disinfection luminaire for food safety to protect against photo-sensitive pathogens in specialized kitchen-related food applications.

Hubbell Lighting

Winners in Plumbing

Navien, Inc.

NPE-A Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

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Navien NPE-Advanced tankless water heaters offer condensing technology that provides a UEF of .96 / EF of .97 and is the only high efficiency tankless water heater with an internal pump, buffer tank, and dedicated return line connection.

The NPE-A's exclusive built-in recirculation system, ComfortFlow®, saves on water bills by reducing the time to get hot water. In addition, the NPE series is the most energy efficient tankless water heater in the industry per EPA Energy Star Directory.

Other technological advancements of the NPE-A includes the usage of 2-inch PVC venting and ability to run off ½-inch gas pipe, cutting down the installation time. The NPE-A's dual stainless steel heat exchangers offer better corrosion resistance, prolonging the life of the unit. The ability of field gas conversion allows the NPE-A unit to be specified for either natural or propane gas systems.

NPE-A water heaters can also be common vented up to 8 units and cascaded up to 16 units which makes them a perfect solution for any commercial applications. Multiple venting options and materials along with exceptionally long vent lines, up to 150 ft., simplifies the jobs for design engineers and installers. In addition, remote access via NaviLinkTM provides control of the water heaters, ability to view operation status and historical performance data, and receive diagnostic notifications.

Navien NPE-A units have one of the industry's highest customer satisfaction and reliability ratings. Customers praise the NPE-A for its durability and operational cost savings.


Zurn Industries, LLC

Connected Products Portfolio

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The Zurn Connected Products portfolio, enabled by plumbSMART, isn't only the first smart technology introduced within the plumbing market; it's the most advanced in capabilities and uncovered insights. The connected products give building owners and maintenance staff a better sense across their building's plumbing system.

That's because each plumbing product – Zurn Connected Faucet, Zurn Connected Flush Valve, and Zurn Connected Flood Control System – monitors its own performance and tracks data trends based on the product's specific functionality within the system.

The products alert maintenance staff in real time via text and/or email notifications, based on set parameters and user permissions by the admin. The smarts work around each building's, so it's not a learning curve for users, it's an immediate advantage.

The secure portal, plumbSMART offers 24/7 remote visibility across all of the Zurn Connected Products. It houses and analyzes the data collected. Zurn Connected Products sync to the portal. The dashboard reveals insights to improve water and operational efficiencies for owners – ultimately cutting costs, month after month.

While saving money makes the owner happy, maintenance staff will appreciate more predictability to their day. They're able to make decisions, not assumptions. They're equipped with information to set measurable goals, problem solve, and optimize their team. They know more about their products to avoid costly repairs, prevent flooding, and minimize downtime when it's not the right time.

A connected plumbing system keeps a building in working order, maintenance staff and the owner in control, and users in a positive environment.





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SureSeal® — The Eco-Water savings alternative to Trap Primers. Water has been the traditional method of sealing out noxious gases from working and living areas in North America. Traditional trap primers allow approximately 4oz of water to enter the drain every time a toilet or urinal is flushed. This is a HUGE waste of water.

SureSeal is a waterless trap barrier that prevents sewer odors and insects from entering living or working areas. SureSeal meets and surpasses ASSE1072 and will open with 4oz or less of water and not reduce nominal drain flow. When inserted into the floor drain outlet or strainer, SureSeal creates a physical barrier and acts as a one-way valve - Water goes in and the odors stay out.

SureSeal is designed to help prevent evaporation in the trap but when evaporation occurs, it prevents the escape of noxious and dangerous sewer gases.SureSeal is simple to install and can be done in just a few minutes After installation SureSeal is always accessible and easily removed if needed. SureSeal saves time and money vs the traditional trap primer installations.SureSeal waterless design is eco-friendly – no water is consumed. Each SureSeal comes with a 10-year limited warranty. SureSeal comes in 4 sizes: 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and the new 3 ½-inch. The sizes have been designed and engineered to fit all manufacturers' standard floor drains.



Winners in Power

N1 Critical Technologies Inc (N1C)

Lithium-Ion UPS Systems

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N1 Critical Technologies has developed the first full line of Lithium-Ion Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems.

These state-of-the-art systems, with their long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, offer tremendous advantages over traditional valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries typically found in UPS systems.

  • 3-5x more "on battery runtime" vs. lead acid, giving you more time to resolve problems without losing power to critical connected loads;
  • 15-year battery design life vs. 3-5 years for lead acid, leading to a significant reduction in battery replacement costs, time and effort;
  • Fewer battery failures due to age and reduced downtime and maintenance;
  • >2,000 battery charge/discharge cycles vs. ~300 for lead acid;
  • High-heat tolerant chemistry reduces need for expensive room cooling and allows for more installation location possibilities;
  • 1/3 the weight of lead acid means units are easier to install;
  • More power in a smaller footprint saves valuable rack and floor space;
  • Energy efficient 24/7 operation reduces utility costs;
  • 3X faster recharge times prepares the UPS quickly for the next power outage;
  • Environmentally friendly with less toxic heavy metals (no lead), less weight to transport (fuel savings) and less material disposed of in landfills or sent to recycling centers;
  • 5-10-year replacement warranties standard;
  • Lower total cost of ownership!

Consider this:


Now imagine if your company had dozens, hundreds or thousands of UPS systems deployed. The cost savings of switching to long-lasting, more powerful N1C Lithium-Ion UPS systems can be huge — potentially in the millions of dollars! That's not to mention the positive environmental savings from less transporting of heavy batteries and keeping them out of landfills and recycling centers.

N1C has both single-phase and three-phase UPS systems with internal lithium-ion batteries. Power ranges are from 1kVA to 10kVA single phase and 20-30kVA three phase.

Each is online double conversion topology, providing maximum protection from all 9 power problems (failures, surges, sags, under voltage, over voltage, electrical line noise, frequency variations, switching transients, harmonic distortion).

SNMP cards are installed standard for network monitoring and control from both web browsers, proprietary and third-party software for large and small deployments.

So, stop changing your lead acid UPS batteries! It's time to start changing your UPS brand — to N1 Critical Technologies and their new Lithium-Ion battery backup systems.

Check out: — Revolutionizing The UPS Industry!!

N1 Critical Technologies

Nextek Power Systems, Inc.

Power hub Driver (PhD)

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The Power hub Driver (PhD), is the heart of Nextek's innovative power distribution technology for buildings. It connects to other systems via wired or wireless protocols, providing a clear cost advantage to conventional practice, saving customers from $1 per square foot to 25% of the total installed costs of the key systems we support. These include LED lighting and control, dc outlets, computers, modems, wireless access points, and a growing list of other devices.

Materials science and the plunging cost of integrated circuits have enabled Nextek's smart power system to create new opportunities for what's possible inside buildings, making low-voltage power available virtually everywhere. For example, portable devices like phones, laptops, and tablets which rely on charging inputs no longer need a charging apparatus, just a USB cable. This improves the electrical efficiency of electronic devices and removes the need to purchase portable chargers (and pay for their end-of-life recycling or landfill costs).

The intrinsically safe nature of our power distribution system also removes the shock and fire hazards from occupied spaces. This feature has two benefits: one for the installers and the other for users. Like setting up stereo speakers in the old days, the low-voltage wiring in Nextek's system is touch-safe and danger-free. At the outlet or receptacle, even a poked-in paper clip can't hurt you. Moving lighting fixtures around no longer has to wait for nights or weekends; it can be safely done with the circuit powered-up, bringing the ultimate convenience to facilities managers.


Tripp Lite

AC Charging Cart

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Organizations that rely on mobile devices for day-to-day operations face the challenge of keeping devices charged, organized and secure. Tripp Lite's new CSC36AC charging cart houses up to 36 laptops and Chromebooks in a locking steel cabinet that provides zoned charging. This portable, multipurpose cart is ideal for use in classrooms.

The CSC36AC accommodates devices with screen sizes up to 15 in., with numbered slots and NEMA 5-15R outlets for each device. Both front and back doors lock to prevent tampering and theft. Typically, smaller stored accessories like adapters are even easier targets for theft from carts than computers, but the CSC36AC keeps devices and adapters in separate, lockable compartments.

The CSC36AC can serve as a multipurpose workstation to reduce overall equipment costs. Its RJ45 pass-through and internal auxiliary outlet support Ethernet equipment, such as a user-supplied wireless access point (WAP), inside the cabinet. Its solid laminate wood-grain top provides a smooth work surface.

To help prevent overloads, the CSC36AC has a built-in circuit breaker and divides outlets into two color-coded zones that share charging functions on an automatic timer. It can charge USB devices with appropriate adapters and has two external outlets (with an internal on/off switch) for powering monitors and projectors. Side panel ventilation promotes airflow and an internal cable manager minimizes clutter.

The CSC36AC is similar in size to most AV carts for convenient classroom storage. Its locking swivel casters with non-marking wheels make it easy to relocate and safely secure in place.

Winners in Smart Buildings/IoT/Software


uLAN (Utility LAN)

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Every day, more and more building devices are being connected to and powered by the IP network. The smart building delivers proven efficiencies, streamlined system control, and cost savings.

Most Facilities and IT Managers understand the benefits of converging their building systems onto the IP network. But they're also concerned that connecting these additional systems is going to cause a disruption to their core LAN operations (workstations, phones, and WiFi networks).

Berk-Tek is addressing this concern with the introduction of the uLAN (Utility LAN). The uLAN is an emerging ecosystem of utility applications (lighting, security, AV, HVAC, etc.) that traditionally haven't been IP-enabled, but are now being connected and powered by the IP network.

While the Core LAN (the PC, VoIP phones, WiFi) is not expected to undergo significant change through 2022, the uLAN is expected to grow significantly. The uLAN and the network infrastructure supporting it will be largely responsible for connecting and powering the billions of new devices needed to make buildings smart.

Berk-Tek has joined forces with Cree Lighting and Transition Networks to offer the first complete solution for connecting and powering the uLAN. This coalition collectively offers the smart building's nervous system: Cree's SmartCast® Intelligence Platform is the brain, Transition Network's PoE switch technology is the muscle, and Berk-Tek's cabling, along with Leviton's connectivity solutions are the nerves. Our uLAN solution is designed to make the smart building simple.

More information on the uLAN and our solutions can be found here:


Dude Solutions


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In hospitals and healthcare facilities, maintenance isn't just tied to upkeep – it's also linked to the health and safety of patients. TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions is a cloud-based solution for healthcare organizations to prioritize, manage and ensure completion of compliance-related maintenance and focus on creating a high-quality Environment of Care.

With TheWorxHub, hospital operations staff can track work orders, monitor compliance-related tasks, communicate effectively across departments, implement a strong preventive maintenance program, see analytics on their work and team to provide reporting to executives, and drive data-driven decisions. These activities are critical in helping organizations to:

Streamline efficiencies:

  • Eliminate paper, digitize work orders and implement processes for request automation, inventory management and work order prioritization
  • Document all maintenance tasks (from reactive to preventive) in one place
  • Add assets, locations, staff members and images to work orders
  • Track all inventory transactions to eliminate piles of paperwork
  • Simplify compliance efforts by linking regulatory work and assets and assigning preventive maintenance tasks tied to compliance

Extend the life of critical assets:

  • Schedule and automate preventive maintenance (PM) tasks
  • Improve risk management with tools for predicting issues
  • Use real-time work order data to easily make repair vs. replace decisions

Become data-driven:

  • Drive decision-making with configurable data analysis and simple reporting from a central dashboard with KPIs, reports and industry-wide benchmarks
  • Protect your budget with tracking based on historic data
  • Protect your current budget
  • Forecast life cycle to create an attainable capital plan

Johnson Controls

Metasys® Cyber Health Dashboard

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The Metasys® Cyber Health Dashboard is a system monitoring feature that informs and educates Metasys system administrators about critical user account, user activity and supervisory information. By notifying administrators about out-of-date software, system accessibility issues, and recommendations for user management, the dashboard ensures facility personnel understand and address potential system vulnerabilities and cybersecurity concerns before they negatively impact system performance.

Specifically, the dashboard provides information on the number of current Metasys users within a network, which ones should have administrative privileges, and which users are dormant, locked out, disabled, or should be removed from the system. It also alerts administrators when user accounts are not compliant with a company's global account policies, or when they are set to never expire or lock out. These time-saving features contribute to smoother operation and increased system efficiency and productivity.

The Cyber Health Dashboard also provides supervisory information, like when new software revisions are available and which devices soon require a new certificate, saving administrators valuable time and allowing them to focus on more critical issues.

If hackers ever try to access the Metasys system using a variety of passwords, or if the dashboard notices successful or unsuccessful logins or lock outs, it immediately notifies the system administrator. This feature is an important cybersecurity advancement that can save building operators time and money by helping to prevent a cyber-attack.

Johnson Controls