Manage Work Orders, Parts with Wireless CMMS

By Kris Bagadia and Ronald Kossik  
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Wireless technology in conjunction with a CMMS can help managers address challenges in a variety of areas. These areas tend to offer the biggest benefits:

• Equipment. Technicians using handheld devices on various pieces of equipment can collect performance data, such as pressure, temperature, and oil levels. They can take boiler readings more frequently and sometimes even hourly. They also can take chiller readings as often as once a week. Technicians also can use the technology to perform monitoring security checks and inspection routes, as well as to collect mileage/hour meter readings.

• Work orders. Managers can dispatch work orders using handheld devices, and technicians can perform the work with instructions sent to handheld units. They also can use the devices to enter details on labor time and work performed, as well as to close work orders, and they can transfer the information to the CMMS database, either in real time or via a cradle. Managers can establish a completely paperless work-order system, if desired.

• Parts inventory. Inventory management offers some of the largest potential savings. Workers can handle parts receiving, parts addition and depletion, cycle counts, and annual physical inventory more efficiently using handheld devices.

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Manage Work Orders, Parts with Wireless CMMS

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