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Work From Home Debate Elevates Importance of Overall Workplace Strategy


    CoreNet Global Advocates That Companies Carefully Construct
      Plan to Address Telework, Flexibility, Risk Management

ATLANTA -- As debate flourishes around
the practice of teleworking and the recent decisions by Yahoo! and Best
Buy to restrict working from home, companies need to carefully address
and articulate their workplace strategy, advises CoreNet Global, the
premiere professional association for corporate real estate and
workplace professionals.

One way to do this is to measure "quality of life per square foot," and
give knowledge workers a stronger voice in influencing major changes,
including the way workspaces are designed.

The group's 7,800+ members directly influence the design and operation
of corporate workplaces worldwide.

"Workplace strategy is a vitally important aspect of corporate
organizations, because it directly influences outcomes with branding,
human resources management, real estate, sustainability, site selection
and risk management," said Richard Kadzis, Vice President at CoreNet
Global. "It is not a one-size-fits-all proposition."

Out of necessity, how a company manages these options will be unique to
that entity, Kadzis added. "But one thing is certain. Workplace
strategy is a vital business-enabling resource that has caught the eye
of the CEO, because it dictates a company's success in many other
areas. It enables employee engagement, creative interchanges,
innovation and, ultimately, competitive advantage and shareholder

With as much as 70 percent of the U.S. workforce either not engaged or
actively disengaged on the job, the economic and competitive stakes are
getting higher, as is the value of human capital.

That's one reason why the advocacy statement recommends that corporate
real estate executives shift away from traditional "two-dimensional
metrics" for productivity like cost per square foot or revenue per
employee. In some companies, a more pronounced partnership is emerging
between the corporate real estate and human resources sides of the
corporate shared services suite.

CoreNet Global therefore advocates that its members work more closely
with their counterparts in HR to develop a more quantitative, empirical
way to measure productivity around the concept of "Quality of Life per
Square Foot."

Click here to view the CoreNet Global position statement advocating
quality of life per square foot measurements.

NOTE: The "Quality-of-Life per square foot approach" to real estate is
a philosophy developed and espoused by Sodexo, a CoreNet Global
Strategic Partner.

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To access these and other case studies, please contact

With more than 7,800 members internationally, CoreNet Global is the
world's leading professional association for corporate real estate and
workplace executives, service providers, and economic developers.
Please visit www.corenetglobal.org for more information.

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