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White Paper From Sloan Discusses Benefits Of Diaphragm And Piston Flushometer Valves And Optimal Environments For Each

FRANKLIN PARK, Ill. – How do you know when to choose diaphragm vs. piston flushometer valve technology? Sloan has issued a new white paper that discusses the differences between diaphragm and piston valve flushing technologies and includes charts that show under which operating conditions to specify one type over the other.

“Diaphragm and piston flush valves each have their strengths and are best suited for different environmental conditions,” says Mike Gipson, Flushometer Product Line Manager for Sloan. “It’s important to assess the environment before choosing to install diaphragm or piston technology.”

In addition to illustrating the mechanical differences between diaphragm and piston flushometers, the white paper highlights considerations that impact which type of technology is most appropriate for various restroom environments, including:

*    High or low restroom traffic
*    Water quality, including the pH of the water and chlorine concentration
*    Operating conditions, such as high or low water pressure systems

Sloan invented the diaphragm flush valve more than 100 years ago and then introduced piston valves about 20 years later. Today, Sloan manufactures both diaphragm and piston flush valves in sensor-activated and manual models. Diaphragm flushometers include the Royal®, UPPERCUT®, Regal® XL and Sloan® brand valves; the Crown® and GEM•2® valves are piston operated. Sloan offers flushometers for every type of environment from normal restroom applications to extremely harsh water conditions.

To help you determine which type of flushometer valve is best suited for the variety of restroom environments, download a PDF of the “Diaphragm or Piston Flushometers? It Depends...” white paper at http://www.sloanvalve.com/Water_Efficiency/SLV3583-Diaphragm_Piston_White-Paper.pdf.

Sloan is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems and has been in operation since 1906. Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, the company is at the forefront of the green building movement and provides sustainable restroom solutions by manufacturing water- and energy-efficient products such as flush valves, electronic faucets and soap dispensing systems, sink systems, and vitreous china fixtures for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide.

For more information, contact Sloan at 10500 Seymour Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131. Telephone 800-9-VALVE-9 (982-5839), fax 800-822-0683, or visit: www.sloanvalve.com.

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