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Waterproof Coating Aims to Eliminate Condensation

AguaSeal Waterproofing Systems, LLC has announced a new coating solution for commercial building structures to stop condensation at its source. The NoZwet Anti-Condensation product is an environmentally friendly, water-based coating that inhibits condensation accumulation and ammonia corrosion on ceilings, un-insulated roofs, and a wide range of other surfaces. When applied to our guidelines, NoZwet can absorb approximately 2 pints of water per 10 sqft of ceiling surface by exponentially expanding the surface area.


  • Safer working environments for employees 
  • Less potential for OSHA citations, building closures, insurance claims and lawsuits due to hazardous water and mold accumulation
  • Prolonged roof life due to the prevention of corrosion and water damage. 

For contractors in the construction industry, NoZwet is a turnkey, high margin product line extension to add value to clients.


NoZwet is applied to a building's interior ceiling using a textured coating hopper spray system. The coating provides a warmer surface, making it difficult for condensation to form. If condensation were to form, a NoZwet surface would absorb the water at a rate of 2 pints per 10 square feet. NoZwet’s textured surface accelerates the drying rate by at least 15-20 times that of an uncoated surface. Given sufficient airflow, the accumulated condensation is released as humidity back into the atmosphere.

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