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Ventilation Fans Address Mold Issues


Air within crawl spaces naturally becomes warmer and saturated with ground moisture. Left untreated, this moisture-ladened air can cause problems including premature rotting of structural wood components (increasing the potential for termite infestation) as well as rusting and corrosion of plumbing pipes. What’s more, high humidity can promote mold buildup, off-gassing from treated lumber and foul odors that migrate into other areas.

A family of crawl space ventilation fans, called UnderAire, developed by Minnesota based-Tjernlund Products, offers builders, remodelers and homeowners a simple and cost-effective way to mechanically circulate fresh outdoor air within the crawl space to eliminate excess moisture.

Tjernlund’s UnderAire fans are the only crawl space ventilators currently listed by ETL as “suitable for damp conditions.”

All three UnderAire models have factory-installed freeze protection thermostats that prevent the units from operating if temperatures are below 40° F. The two deluxe models come ready to plug into an electrical outlet and also include a dehumidistat that allows the homeowner to select the humidity level that activates the ventilator.

Tjernlund UnderAire fans can be installed in minutes, require no maintenance and are whisper quiet.

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